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Elli & Manos have blended their love of intense Greek flavors and creativity in the kitchen to bring you a line of unique sweetly-savory gourmet spreads. This jam has the same versatility of their Greek Flavor Bursts, made with sun-kissed raisins, the much-loved spice of Greek cuisine, cinnamon, walnuts and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Importantly, there are no artificial flavors or colorants, nor any preservatives or additives, so do give a good stir if needed.

We love raisins & cinnamon on cheese & charcuterie platters, straight on breakfast toast & bagels, and as an accompaniment to roast meats. It makes for an especially nice glaze for roasted chicken. You can even use it for an easy baked apples dessert. 

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Ingredients: raisins (85%-contains sulfites), balsamic vinegar, sugar, walnuts, cinnamon.

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