Item Description

We are excited to put our 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry to work for you. 

Our clients love us because:

#1 we listen to them.

#2 we tell their story the way they, want to tell it, in the style they want to tell it in. 

#3 We creatively stay in budget! 

This Special  "One Minute Video"(ads, introduction,short doc,etc.) -  The W Market place Production Service Offer is  a 6 part process. 

#1 Free consultation. We need to make sure we are on the same page getting your vision to come alive... promise better than making zombies come alive.

#2 If we agree we are a match.....we run away to Hawaii for a girls weekend .. okay sorry not on this special. 

 But we will get your vision out of your head and on paper. Promise it won't hurt. We will write out a script and storyboards. (please don't laugh at our stick figures)

 Then go into Pre-production getting ready, a location (on earth at this time, space in 5 years, maybe), discussing who will be in the video, clothes etc. 

Deposit of $1000. will be paid when this meeting is set up. 

#3 Production - We will shoot you in action doing what we scripted out and storyboarded at the location we planned. (Yes you will look amazing. If needed we can discuss makeup and hair for an additional fee. Usually, the on set makeup artist charge $150.) 

#4  This is the longest and hardest part. It's like Xmas waiting to open your gift.  We will edit all the footage together as planned in the storyboard. I will send a rough edit to you to get approved. We will discuss music. One royalty-free piece of music will be included. Once I fix all the changes I will send to you for approval. Once this approval has been made, I will color correct, fix the sound and add the music. Once this is done I will send to you for your final approval. Next final changes will be made.

#5 At this point, the final payment will be made 0f $999.99 and I will deliver/ship a hard drive with your final product on it. Yes it will be exciting, well not as fun as your birthday, but fun.

#6 Celebrate your beautiful story about your company or product!

This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks  to 2 months, depending on time it takes to get approvals. So maybe sending to our moms isn't the best idea. Projects do need to be completed in two months. 

We are Looking forward to working with you!