TRABRAND | Boutique Marketing Consultation

Item Description

Let's get to know your business needs. This 45 minute call will be an encapsulated business development call, seeking to understand the owner's goals and potential problems and expressing the most critical functions that will allow for the determined goal's success. The call will end with a short, critically developed solution for your business and how my services or consultations fit into that solution. The owner will receive a post call summary of the intellectual content developed during the call, and a scope and proposal based on the needs discussed.

During the call, we'll be answering these questions:

Who is your audience? Who are you appealing to in your communications?

What are your business goals at large? How can we use your current digital space to navigate the current market and develop more business opportunity? What is your primary business goal in your marketing? How much time can you invest in your marketing efforts? What solutions do you require? Do you want to be able to create campaigns and develop content strategies to create your branded communications? Or do you just want to have enough confidence to utilize the digital arena to market to a new audience?

Please fill in the Google Form (or below) PRIOR to purchase. 

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