Bodhi’s Light

Item Description

We ensure that every candle is phthalate free, body-safe, and all natural which will surely help with your good vibes, while helping our Mother Earth. They are also long-lasting with up to 25 hours of burn time. Enough for you to cozy up and take that long bath or binge watch your favorite show.

Choose THREE scents for the TRIO and TWO scents for the DUO by leaving us a note at check out.

Choose your scent by your preferred mood. 


Crisp Calamansi -- is a delicious little citrus fruit used in numerous traditional Filipino recipes. Top notes include: tangerine, mandarin, and grapefruit; middle notes of bergamot, and base notes of oakmoss 

Lemongrass offers a generous citrus scent with fresh grassy notes to help energize the soul and fortify your courage! It's also a natural repellent for the summer months when mosquitos like to get close and friendly. 


Coastal Sage --As refreshing as a cool summers day at the beach, each candle has hints of rose, lily, and spearmint, with a top note of fresh greens. The bottom note delivers a soft musky scent, finishing your beautiful day at the beach with a contented smile. 

Cozy Vanilla delivers a smooth, warm, and comfy feeling to help get snuggled in for bed. Enjoy the pure notes of vanilla bean as you doze off to dreamland or indulge in a soothing bowl of relaxation. 

Lush Lavender -- Reminiscent of a day at the spa or a walk through a peaceful, lush garden, this candle sings with notes of rosemary and lavender. Finishing with a hint of refreshing eucalyptus

Peace -- For tranquility, we offer this calming chamomile candle with hints of basil. Chamomile is known to induce a meditative mind and also clear negative energies

Romance or Healing

Jasmine Cloud -- Jasmine also known as Sampaguita in the Philippines, is revered as a healing flower with it's rich, pure, and enticingly sweet aroma. Lighting this candle is like a walk through the fragrant temples in Thailand or being gifted a garland around ones neck in the Philippines. 

Love -- What the world needs now is love sweet love. This candle brings the fragrance of freshly cut roses into your home.