Cooking with Mother Goose

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Each time you open Cooking with Mother Goose for either a rhyme or a recipe—or both—you’ll be sharing moments that will last a lifetime. You’ll foster reading and comprehension, planning and action, collaboration and cooperation while learning and practicing essential kitchen skills together. These skills will stay with your children as they grow up into adults and parents themselves someday. 

In the first section, you’ll find helpful information about feeding young children. You’ll also find answers to your burning questions about picky eating and how to support healthy food relationships.  The rest of the book is filled with delicious, family-friendly recipes inspired by classic nursery rhymes. The dishes in this book are designed to inspire, excite, and feed your growing family.  Recipes range from easy make-ahead breakfasts to fresh, tasty veggies your kids will actually eat and reimagined classics like lasagna and drumsticks. You can skip around the book based on what rhyme you want to read or how hungry your child is. 

Accompanying the recipes, you will find “Nutrition Nibbles” and “Kids Can” call-outs to enhance the food and nutrition discovery experience for both you and your child.  At the top of each recipe page, you’ll find helpful information like the recipe yield, time involved and challenge level. Recipes are marked Gluten Free or Dairy Free to make it easier to identify them. If a recipe contains any of the eight common allergens, it will be listed as well. 

Read, make notes, and explore this storybook cookbook with your children! You don’t need to follow everything literally; skip or change ingredients you don’t like or think your children are not yet ready to eat. This book supports the excellent job you are already doing feeding your family. 

Ultimately, you’re getting to spend some quality time with your child. Use this book as a storybook and to support your children in eating a wide variety of foods, to enjoy preparing meals with you, and to join the family in the kitchen and at the table.