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Our service starts with a thorough consultation by getting your family history, your medical history, and some present history to help put all the pieces together, and secondly, we test the water in the body for hydration levels and then thirdly we test the oil levels in the skin to see if they are overproducing or under producing, fourthly we examine the scalp very closely looking for any signs of visible scalp maladies, and fifthly we extract 15 to 20 hair samples with bulbs attached for a full microscopic lab testing done. You return to the office within 10 days and the trichologist goes over the findings with you to show you what has been causing your hair loss and what will be needed to treat your hair loss. You will have a at-home treatment as well as a in-clinic treatment ,for those that live out of the state or country your findings and protocols will be discussed with you over video conferencing and your products will be shipped to you and you will be monitored that way to get the results that you need to correct your hair loss problem.

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