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This chunky knit blanket is a perfect way to create the Hygge atmosphere in your home. 

The arm-knitted chunky throw is super soft and will offer you a warm hug either on cold winter or summer nights when you have the air conditioner on full blast. It is incredibly warm, cozy, and stylish, you will love its delicate texture.

Just put this super chunky plaid on your sofa, bed or chair and feel its tender touch of coziness and comfort!

Our blankets are custom-made by hand using the arm knitting technique. Our chic plaids are full of positive feelings and careful care about your comfort. A soft yarn applied is light and delicate, like a cloud.

All knitted items containing natural wool require gentle care to keep it nice for a long time.
In contrast to pure wool, the material I use for our blankets is more durable, it is less vulnerable to pilling in comparison with e.g. merino wool throws, but pilling and shading usually occur in time.


Care instructions:
1. Regularly give your blanket a gentle shake to remove dust and small particles and restore deformed stitches.
2. Do not use lint roller for de-pilling. Manually remove the fuzz or trim it off.
3. Machine wash with cold on gentlest cycle, preferable “wool”, using mild, wool-safe detergent. Air dry flat.


Material:  40% wool, 60% acrylics. 

Size: "Newborn, 20 x 30 inches (50 x 76 cm)
Baby, 23 x 47 inches (58 x 120 cm)
Toddler, 42 x 52 inches (105 x 132 cm)
Crib, 42 x 60 inches (105 x 152 cm)
Throw, 52 x 60 inches (132 x 152 cm)
Twin, 66 x 90 (168 x 230 cm)"


Shipping Information - All products are beautifully handcrafted in and shipped from Ukraine. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 


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