Item Description

Are you stressed? Are you prone to anxiety? Do you need a crystal to calm and balance your nerves? This sparkly, stunning, high-quality purple lepidolite heart is the perfect crystal for you! Lepidolite is a powerful healing stone to aid in deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress, assists to live in a relaxed state of mind, and lifts heavy energies and depression. Can also alleviate emotional and physical pain in the body. 

Measurements include: ~2.2 inches tall, 2.6 inches long, 1 inch thick

Weight: 105g 

Origin: Brazil

A crystal information card is included with the description of the metaphysical properties of the crystals you picked for your life's journey. 

Each crystal is cleansed and purified with the sage and the ancient power of the eagle feather.

Shipping is included! #thewmarketplace

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