Deveraux Gourmet Coffee Boutique

Item Description

taste to tempt any chocolate lover! Dark Chocolate Truffle is a blend of 100% Arabica Central and South American coffee beans roasted with light, smoky tones. Flavored with the rich, smooth taste of dark chocolate truffles, this coffee is sure to be a delicious temptation. A melt in your mouth truffle that is sure to please. 

Reminiscent to the decadent French Silk Pie, our flavored coffee treats you to the same savory flavors of smooth milk chocolate, fluffy whipped topping, and dark chocolate curls. We light roast our gourmet coffee and combine each small batch with the rich sweetness of these dessert flavors. Once blended, we seal it in a valve bag to ensure that Chocolate Truffle is fresh and flavorful.



Tastes Like:

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Sweet Cream