Certify My Company

Item Description

Benefits of receiving certification: 

access to opportunity.  Potential to sell to big box retailers and other Fortune 1000 companies.  Opportunity to partner with and/or sell to other diverse businesses.  Side door access to contacts and opportunities

    • Pitch competitions 

    • Monthly connections with hand-picked supplier diversity managers

    • Networking 

    • Focused conferences

    • Corporate mentors 

    • Executive MBA

    • Scholarships  for executive MBA and other programs 

    • Regional & national exposure

    • AND MORE!

How Does Certify My company work with you? 

Certify My Company provides certification assistance to diverse business owners and the corporations they serve by guiding and assisting them through the arduous process of becoming certified as a diverse business enterprise. WBE, MBE, DOBE, LGBTBE, VOBE…XBE, we are the experts! We confirm eligibility for certification, work to determine the right certifications for the business and alleviate the burden of assembling the application package. We submit the application package and monitor it until certified. 

  1. Our customized Intake InterviewSM ensures company’s eligibility for certification. Certify My Company DOES NOT assist companies that do not 100% meet the eligibility requirements for the intended certification.
  2. The next step is to understand the company’s history and target clientele. Our goal is to educate business owners on the various certifications and identify those that make the most sense for them and their business. 
  3. The Documentation MeetingSM is the opportunity for the business owner along with their diversity specialist to establish the most effective and efficient way to gather the necessary documentation. Some opt to maintain hands on and directly supply the specialist with necessary credentials and paperwork. Others prefer to relay contact information of their knowledge sources and rely on the specialist to obtain required documents. The process is a team effort, but our mission it to remove the rigorous work load from the business owner so they can focus on what they do best…growing their business. 
  4. Throughout the collection process, our trained professionals review the documentation to ensure that the paperwork accurately reflects the true make-up of the business. With over 60% of applications denied due to technical rejections, the proper verbiage of critical materials is crucial to a successful application. 
  5. Once collected, the application package is reviewed no less than three times to assure accuracy and precision. 
  6. We then submit the application package through our Proprietary Submission ProcessSM and maintain contact with each region and organization until certification is granted. 
  7. The last step in the certification process is a site visit. Prior to the site visit, we prep the business owner on what to expect. If there were any red flags in their application, we discuss how to explain the situation to the reviewer; confident and prepared entrepreneurs do much better on the site visits!