Darling Spring

Item Description

Each morning as you reach for this favored tea or coffee mug, you’ll be reminded of the purpose behind slow and sustainable design. Slow Design focuses on the process, puts thought into the origin and materials while valuing the environment and the individual. 

Because good design is strong and functional. Good design is beautiful and delicate. Good design makes you feel. 

These mugs from Crow Canyon are built to last and will be at the heart of your family memories for generations to come. Built strong to withstand drops and high oven heat, durable enough to be packed for camping trips, and beautifully designed to stand the test of time and rise above any trending style. 

The cool tones of the Blue Tides mug are a refreshing reminder to slow down and rejuvenate. The warmth of the Bermuda Buttercup mug will create a space for gratitude and recovery. 

Crow Canyon makes zero waste and long-lasting products. The impact we have on this planet boils down simply to the purchases that we make. Crow Canyon creates the dependable products that we have been craving. By purchasing quality goods from a company that cares, you are contributing to a healthy environment that we can all benefit from for years to come.

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