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Our collection of men's pocket squares offers a nostalgic touch that transports you to the carefree days of youth. Made from luxurious silk, our tuxedo patterned pocket squares feature whimsical designs that recall a time of innocence and mischief. As you fold one into your tuxedo pocket, you'll be reminded of that journey from youthful exuberance to the refined charm of adulthood. With our silk pocket squares, you can add a touch of playful elegance to your outfit while indulging in cherished memories of the past.


  • Set Content: 1 Pocket Square
  • Made of 100% Silk
  • Size: 161/4 * 161/4 Inches
  • Crafted in India by artisans honoring the foundations of generations of textile creation
  • Designed By Meraki Unlimited

Collection - Santosha

Sticking to your teeth while you boast of your favorite colors on your tongue. The design is inspired by the varied colors of your favorite melted candies that you have treasured during celebrations.

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