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Let them eat cake! From wedding bells to jingle bells, all grand celebrations deserve cake. Your best-dressed guests deserve nothing but the finest and these serving utensils definitely got the memo.These polished brass-plated stainless-steel serving utensils bring an elegant glow to your table and to the cake-cutting festivities. They catch the lights and add warmth, sparkle, and shine to your table decor. They pair beautifully with gold photo frames and memories, blue napkins and florals, or the classic black and white. Your celebratory dessert spreads have instantly leveled up.Created by Magenta, a brand on a mission to create warm and welcome home decor. We value brands that produce quality craftsmanship and provide meaning to the objects we surround ourselves with daily. The set signifies fresh beginnings and new pursuits, which is exactly what this celebration is for!

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