Darling Spring

Item Description

Harnessed in these plates is the happiness of fresh flowers picked and hand-delivered to a loved one. A vibrant and green floral arrangement that never fades. The scent of rain and all the freshness that it brings. After all, every day here is Spring and we will never let that fade.

This porcelain and gold plate set is for the flower lover in your life. A way to make their favorite bunch of flowers everlasting, a way to bring nature into the home. The plate set truly appeals to all the senses, letting your imagination take you on a ride. I can smell the fresh cut grass already, the scent of pine, or my favorite bouquet of carnations. This plate set is wonderful for housewarming gifts, birthday celebrations, or anniversary dates.

Each design was hand-sketched by Ilaria Innocenti and then transferred to porcelain with an industrial process that makes them indelible forever. Each of her products is a new way to give a personalized thought to loved ones. We are fascinated by her quality craftsmanship and innovation. We want to showcase the importance of the loving process of care and attention that goes into each and every one of our handpicked products. Our hope is that our products will enrich your homes with a daily source of beauty and inspiration and these plates will do just that.

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