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This statue is a wonderful depiction of Bodhisattva Goddess of Mercy. It is adorned with lotus flowers on the base, in the left hand extending to the shoulder.  This version is referred to by some as the "Wish Fulfilling Quan Yin" which was created with a removable hand to allow one to submit a wish by removing the hand and placing the wish into the statue.  Others argue that the removable hand represents "lending a hand", referring to the compassion of the goddess. The hand on this statue appears to have been glued into place; likely to avoid further damage to the fingers.

The statue is marked with the Chinese character for "to make" in a red on the base, along with made in Hong Kong.  The statue dates to the mid 20th century.

It measures about 13.5 inches tall, with a 3.75 inch wide base.  The only damage are the broken fingers of the right hand, which are shown in pictures.

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