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Each one of these 3"x3" bilingual fabric color blocks is lovingly and carefully handcrafted for little ones to play with and enjoy.  The 3 sides of the blocks contain the Chinese character for the color, the corresponding pinyin, and the English translation. The 4th side is a patterned fabric that features the target color. The top and bottom sides use a soft and cuddly fabric called minky fabric. The minky fabric provides a different tactile feel compared to the cotton fabric. The bright colors, distinctive designs, and different textures provide visual and sensory stimulation for young children.  The materials used are 100% cotton, minky fabric, non-allergenic fill, and vinyl.  This set contains the colors red, blue, yellow, gray, brown, purple, orange, green, black, and white for a total of 10 blocks.  This set is in simplified characters. If you prefer traditional, I can custom make one for you. Don't wait!  Order one now!


Care Instructions:

Spot clean is best. 


Ideas for Play Time: 

You can stack them, roll them, squish them; open-ended play is best!  For the very little ones, they are great for tummy time, too!  For language development, talk to your child about the colors and textures on the blocks, say the colors out loud as you show each block to your child, name a color and have your child pick it out for you, etc.  Enjoy quality time with your child while learning and having fun!


Add a personalized storage bag to this order for only $10! The storage bag allows you to conveniently and easily store all 10 blocks so you don't have to worry about losing them.


This bag can be customized to include your family's Chinese surname or a monogram of up to 3 letters (see photos).  The personalized character or name is only on the front of the bag.  If you opt to have your child's name on the bag instead, that can also be arranged.  Feel free to reach out and let me know your requests.  I am happy to work with you and see what we can come up with.




Note: The storage bag is not included in the order unless you click on the "With Personalized Drawstring Storage Bag" option.

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