Item Description


What It Is: Have fun mixing and matching ALL 4 of our Powerful, Natural, Sustainable and Beautiful multi-purpose skincare sensations with THE FAB FOUR BENTO BOX. It comes with a travel size of THE BRIGHTENER WITH CHLOROPHYLL+, THE DETOXIFIER WITH CHARCOAL+ and our two latest wonders, THE HYDRATOR WITH PRICKLY PEAR+ and THE CLARIFIER WITH FRENCH GREEN CLAY+.  All to give you naturally healthy, vitalized, beautiful skin - instantly.

For trying or travel, sharing and caring, THE FAB FOUR BENTO BOX is a nice, tasty treat.

Size: Four 0.5 FL OZ / 15ML Jars

Features: For more features on each product, please refer to the corresponding product page.

Raw Materials

1. THE BRIGHTENER WITH CHLOROPHYLL+:  Chlorophyll is one of the oldest living organisms, and the key to photosynthesis, the energy source for all living things. It's a powerful ingredient that increases oxygen availability to the skin and is extra-rich in antioxidants.

+ Matcha Green Tea: Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
+ Spirulina: Blue-green algae increases cellular oxygen
+ Lemon Peel: Increases oxygen availability to the skin and high in antioxidants
+ Lactic Acid: Natural AHA that exfoliates without sensitizing skin
+ Phytic Acid: Natural AHA that promotes cell turnover and radiance
+ Swiss Cress Sprout Extract: Enhances the resistance of skin cells against pollutants
+ Bakuchiol: All natural anti-aging vitamin A without the toxic effects of retinol esters
+ 8 other clean, amazing, natural ingredients

2. THE DETOXIFIER WITH CHARCOAL+: Activated Charcoal is highly absorptive, draws out impurities and refines skin’s appearance+ Irish Moss: Rich in protein; helps maintain skin radiance and elasticity+ Chinese Ginseng: Purifies, tones and stimulates fatigued skin+ Alaria Esculenta Algae Extract: Tones and clarifies skin+ Kaolin: Exceptional absorption; detoxifies skin from everyday dirt and excess sebum+ Jojoba: Natural mechanical exfoliant that removes dead cells and polishes skin+ Coconut Oil: Hydrates, detoxifies, and protects against glycation and free radicals+ 15 other clean, amazing natural ingredients

3. THE HYDRATOR WITH PRICKLY PEAR+: Prickly Pear (cactus flower) uses the cacti succulent tissue and root system to retain hydration.  It retains water and has excellent hydrating properties due to its high content of water binding compounds.+ Maqui Berry: High in anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory+ Mexican Poppy Stem Cells: Moisturizes, regenerates and provides cutaneous protection and sebum regulation+ Coconut Water: Hydrates, detoxifies, protects against glycation and free radicals+ Cucumber: Refreshes, hydrates and is water-binding+ Watermelon: Hydrates and helps maintain skin elasticity+ 19 other clean, amazing, natural ingredients

4. THE CLARIFIER WITH FRENCH GREEN CLAY+: French Green Clay, a natural anti-bacterial absorption and removal agent helps clean and absorb oil, dirt and other skin impurities.+ Avocado Oil: Gently moisturizes and is non-comedogenic+ Sea Kelp: Hydrates, soothes and is anti-inflammatory+ Turmeric: Powerful anti-inflammatory, brightens and fights skin impurities+ Neem Leaf Powder: Clarifies, fights skin impurities and is anti-inflammatory+ Lavender: Soothes and fights skin impurities+ Zinc Oxide: Soothes, clarifies and fights skin impurities+ 23 other clean, amazing, natural ingredients