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Premium Silk Scarves for Women - Experience the Ultimate Relaxation and Serenity

Saurika Collection: Premium 100% Silk Scarves for Women - Lightweight, Smooth, and Tranquil |  Designed by Meraki Unlimited 

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our premium silk scarves for women. Our printed scarves are a source of tranquility and peace. Each scarf is carefully crafted with love and care, giving off the same calming vibe as walking along the bay with your feet immersed in sand. Embrace the serenity with our premium silk scarves, and let them become a source of peace and calmness in your life.

Product Details:

  • Made of 100% Silk
  • Lightweight and smooth fabric
  • Scarf Measurement - Approx. 17.5” Square
  • Crafted in India by artisans honoring the foundations of generations of textile creation
  • Designed By Meraki Unlimited

Collection - Saurika

If you are in awe of nature's purest form, Meraki has got the most breathtaking design. We drew inspiration from natural beauty, organic colors, textures, and forms to curate this design. The lush green leaves fluttering with the wind give a relaxing and resort-style feel to the scarves.

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