Asha Kin Coaching + Movement

Item Description

In today's world where it feels like the clock never stops and everyone's needs take priority, I help women who feel stuck and running on empty regain balance, self-care, and intentionally live the life they want.
My goal is to provide a safe space to help women recognize and trust their own inner wisdom, so they can learn to protect their energy, make decisions with clarity, confidently step into their power, and feel comfortable in their own skin.

It's all about understanding where you are leaking power and energy so we can create an action plan for lasting transformation. 

During our 30-minutes of time together, I want to get to know you. I will listen and ask questions about your needs and desires to get a sense of who you are and what you want to achieve.
It'll be a chance for us to get to know one other and for me to answer any questions about the coaching process and for you to see what working together will look like.
Ready to start living the vibrant life you've been dreaming of so you can feel whole again?

If you're seeking a coach that goes beyond the traditional techniques, I'm your girl. 

Schedule a call and together we'll start your journey to reclaim the power of who you truly are.