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Herbal Tea for Easing Stress and Calming Anxious Thoughts

Embrace the calming effects of our Anxiety Relief Tea if you've experienced:

  • Unfounded fears, feelings of panic
  • Stress-induced stomach discomfort
  • Tension, agitation
  • Overwhelming emotions

Anxiety Relief is a harmonious blend of organic herbs carefully curated to help alleviate stress, tension, and anxious feelings. It's the perfect soothing companion when you're wound tight and yearning for tranquility. With its refreshing minty flavor, it not only comforts your mind but also settles your stomach.

learn more about the herbs that make this blend so powerful.

Anticipating a stressful day? Brew a thermos of this soothing tea, sipping it periodically to maintain your serenity throughout the day.

Now you can quit freaking out over everything.

(Note: this product is very similar to zen af, in case you were thinking about trying both. I would get one or the other.)


    Lemon Balm*, Peppermint*, Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower*, Kava Kava, Valerian*, Skullcap* (*certified organic)

    Caffeine levels: none

    Tasting notes: soothing mint flavor, with deeper herbal notes

    Brewing Instructions

    Steep one tablespoon of Anxiety Relief in 12 ounces hot water for 5 minutes. Enjoy hot or iced.

    Suggested Use

    Drink a cup of Anxiety Relief anytime you feel stressed, tense, anxious, or uptight. Have a sip, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

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