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Item Description

Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea for Focus and Memory.

  • Struggling to focus?
  • Feeling scattered and forgetful?
  • Dealing with brain fog?

If you ever feel like this, An Elephant Never Forgets is for you!

This blend is an energizing organic herbal tea that's completely caffeine-free. Drink it regularly to stay sharp, focused, and on top of your mental game. The ingredients support brain and memory, and because they give the brain such a boost, many people find it to be pleasantly energizing, without any of the caffeine jitters. One of the primary ingredients in this tea is Ginkgo biloba, which helps deliver oxygen and glucose to the brain, both of which are critical for healthy brain function.

Test takers, computer geeks, number crunchers, and deep thinkers, this tea was made with you in mind.

stay sharp and focused with this brain-boosting mocktail recipe using an elephant never forgets!


    Ginkgo biloba*, Gotu Kola*, Rosemary*, Rhodiola*, Sage*, Spearmint*, Cardamom*, Calendula petals* (*certified organic)

    Caffeine levels: none

    Tasting notes: fresh herbal, rosemary and cardamom forward

    Brewing Instructions

    Steep a teaspoon of An Elephant Never Forgets in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes or longer. Add sweetener if you like. Serve it over ice with a few crushed mint leaves, a lemon twist, and a sprig of rosemary.

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