Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Item Description

All our colors in one box set.

This is a lot of magic all in one box for your inner hustler who performs at the highest capacity with ample amounts of caffeine. And did we mention it's extremely pretty and oh-so Instagrammable. Make it happen! Lady Falcon is here to serve you.

Five 10.10 oz bags of:

Epic (3 Ethiopias)Dried Blueberry · Maple Syrup · Mexican Hot Chocolate

Stoked (3 Colombias)Milk Chocolate · Hazelnut · Nougat

Atta Girl (Ethiopia/Rwanda/Guatemala)Cacao Nib · Donut Peach · Honeysuckle

Stairwell 7 (3 Mexicos)Toasted Marshmallow · Pluot · Woody Mezcal

Ethiopia West Arsi Nansebo Solena Sundried Cherry · Starburst· Pomegranate Lemonade