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Terri Batch | U.S. Commercial Service   

Diane Farrell | International Trade Administration   

Claire Ehmann | SBA Deputy Associate Administrator 


Jennifer Ringenbach | Key Bank   

Alisha Griffey | Daintree Capital   

Robin Dode | Banner Bank   

Jonny Price | Wefunder   

Kerrington Eubanks | Lendistry   

Elizabeth Eichhorn | IFundWomen 

Monica Dodi | The 22 Fund


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export development activities, including learning how to export attending trade shows, finding foreign buyers and pursuing international e-commerce.

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And then, of course, we know if you're starting a small business, a micro loan might be the first place to start, which are handled by Spa certified development companies.

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The New community Advantage pilot program helps small businesses, access Larger micro loan amounts up to $350,000 and prepare for more conventional mending.

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Many of our micro lenders and lenders in the community advantage program are part of the women's business centers or other organizations that are focused on underrepresented groups helping to increase access so in conclusion as administrator chrisman has said we want We the

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sba wanna be the bridge between rebuilding and thriving for all women entrepreneurs, not only because it's the right thing, to do but also because it's good business, and in fact the future of our con our economy depends on it we know that as women

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prosper countries thrive to accomplish Our goal of women led business growth.

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We see financing as a foundation of the bridge to an equitable economic future, and fully empowered women.

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I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to address you today.

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I wish you a really productive summit, and good look at all of your journeys, and I'll pass it back now to Terry with the Us.

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thank you, Claire, as you guys can all see, the Sba is doing a lot of amazing work, and I hope that you're plugged in to the resources that they provide to support you and help you to grow at this time what we're going to do is we're going to give a preview of all

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the lenders and funders who will be leading breakout sessions today So what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a 5 min.

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Intro, and I got my. I got my clock going.

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Ladies. So we're gonna do a 5 min intro for each of the funders that are represented on throughout the day.

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That will have a woman on business that will speak about how they utilize their their products.

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And then I also have to give a shout out to my colleagues.

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That will be moderating. We have women that we've reached out to throughout the Us.

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That will be moderating each of the sessions and they're all international traits, specialists, and our export assistance centers so you're gonna be inundated with commercial service.

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And who we are and what we do, and how we can support you But we're also bringing these other resources to the table to really describe how you can leverage them, and how do you access them?

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How do you use them for your business? So at this time I'd like to invite.

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I'm our first speaker, Jennifer Rigenba, to turn on her camera and introduce herself and her organization.

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Thanks, Terry! Hi, everyone. So I'm Jennifer ringing ball.

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I'm a senior Sba. Specialist with Pebank National Association.

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We operate out of 15 States across the country, and offer products for consumers and businesses of all sizes.

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In most industries. I'll be speaking on Sba programs specifically the 7 a guarantee program and the 504 program, the 7 A program encompasses a lot of loans types that you may have heard, express exploit express small own advantage.

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Cap lines, and others Key make is an Sba preferred lender, which basically means that we have credit authority for the vast majority of our Sba loans and do not have to submit everything to the Sba for a full review it's important to know who out there has that corporate

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lender, authority, and and that that maybe has a little more experience with those Sba loan programs.

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the Sba program is actually a source of kind joy for us, especially those of us like me, who work within it.

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For the spas recently, ended fiscal year, which was just September thirtieth.

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We funded more than 800 loans, tolling 314 million dollars in support of small businesses.

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Sometimes I know some people don't know what that those numbers may may mean to them, but to me it means that you know, we're not only approving lots of small businesses.

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We're getting the funding out to their to them to help them grow, help them expand and help them even start up.

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So the loads that we do range from small lines of credit to assist businesses and managing their capital up to larger loans for real estate and business acquisition, and every business need in between the stuff startups 10 improvements inventory needs debt We structure.

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We work with a range of businesses from those that are just starting up, and haven't earned their first dollar of revenue yet to those that are more established and might be generating as much as 10 million dollars a year or more many of those small businesses we have assisted and continue

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to assist our own in parts, are in full by women She Bank is a huge advocate of women in business, and, in fact, we have our own key for women program This program advocates connects improvise strategic guidance tools and resources to women.

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We have monthly webinars, full forums, and provide opportunities to network all with the AIM of helping women succeed in their financial goals.

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I'm looking forward to talking more about financing and opportunities for growth, and how to access those. I know.

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There are people on this call that are from all over the country and in areas where heating doesn't participate.

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So my goal is to provide some information to help you access those loan programs.

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Whether it be through me on my bank or through other being, solocrastination and kind of what we're looking for, and how to prepare yourself for that.

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So looking forward to the upcoming session. Thank you for having me.

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And oh! Is that my 2 min? I I'll I'll get us a ahead of schedule and pass it back to Terry.

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Good job, Jennifer. And you know what I didn't start the K.

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the timer so I wasn't quite sure where you were.

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Hi Terry. Thanks so much for inviting me to be here today.

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My name is Alicia Griffey. I'm here obviously as a lender, but I have to admit that most of my career has been in the startup world myself as an operator.

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So i've been in the shoes of most of the people I'm assuming dialing in here who are building and growing companies and trying to figure out how to fund them I spent a decade doing that.

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I was the Why was the Cfo? I was the one trying to raise money, and so I developed a lot of opinions about what is and isn't working, and how Companies get Funded and in who companies, get fund and in what kinds.

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Of companies get funded, and so I decided to, and a half years ago to try and help change the way capital flew.

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So I founded my own investment firm. It's called Dane Tree Capital, and we don't just focus on providing capital to underrepresented founders.

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But we also focus on providing that capital through a working capital loans, because we believe they're a better fit for a lot of the types of companies that are run by women and people of color.

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My theory, always has been, You know it's great to say I want to invest in women, but if you also, in the same breath, say, and By the way, I only invest in sas businesses and with founders who are you know in Palo alto, California, then all of a sudden, it's really hard to

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actually have a diverse portfolio. So we instead, invest through working capital loans, because it allows us to invest in the kinds of businesses.

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That women are often running. So we in. If you think about all the different lending products out there, we live in the spot.

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That is kind of you know. Company is up and running. They have revenue, but maybe they don't have quite enough money in the bank, or they don't have quite enough of a historical record in order to have access to more traditional bank loans.

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You know lines of credit, etc. So for us a 100,000 in revenue to up to 2 million in revenue is kind of our sweet spot, and those are the companies that we that we focus on and we lend to companies that have strong unit economics and also companies that have very specific growth investments, that they're trying to

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make that drive near term revenue. So things like inventory, financing, or expansion into a new geography, or maybe you have a new customer?

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Contract that's come in. But you've got a forward hired to support that contract.

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Those are the kinds of things that we we lend for, and our check sizes between 10 and $75,000.

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Thank you. Thank you, Alicia. You know very well you still got 2 min.

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so look forward to to talking more about that, and excited to to be here with this amazing group of people

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Well, just that, you know. I'll say this one of the things I've learned by now changing my career from being an operator to being an investor, and focusing on on female founders one.

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Of the amazing things I've learned is just how much we all want to help each other.

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And the cooperative nature of it, So I love the fact that the chat's on fire, and I think part of hopefully what we can all figure out, and and I think you know you just heard it in the the last comments too, all of us want to help you and so whether it is with our

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company and our loan and our product, or whether it is connecting you to something else that we know about, that might be helpful I just encourage people to reach out because in my experience all of us are trying to we just want to see more.

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So anything else you want to share with us about your organization. And it's amazing that you found it this yourself to help fill the gap

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Nice. Well, thank you. Thank you for the work. That you're doing, Alicia.

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At this time. I'd like to turn it over to Robin DOE. I'm Robin.

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Thank you, Terry. My name's Robin DOE, and I'm with Banner Bank out of Seattle.

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Washington, and I've been there. I just celebrated my tenth year, and the last 7 have been spent as an Sba lender.

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So I really appreciate this opportunity to say a few words about Banner, but even more so to say, welcome to everyone who has joined us today for the women's funding Summer It's just fantastic, how, many are registered and here online, And I hope everyone gains information and knowledge.

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About how to fund your business, whether you are selling services or or products, or both.

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A bit about Banner. We've been serving the Western United States for over a 130 years, and our branch network extends from the border with Canada.

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To the border with Mexico. Our headquarters are here in Washington State, and we are considered a mid-size community and commercial Bank and have been honored to receive many, awards.

00:41:55.000 --> 00:42:01.000

But perhaps the one I'm most proud of is that we've been named one of the top Sba.

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Lenders in the markets that we serve, and particularly Seattle Portland, Oregon, and Sacramento, California.

00:42:10.000 --> 00:42:32.000

You can find Sba lending specialists in all of our major markets, which would be myself in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, California, Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California and Boise, Idaho and I'm happy to provide any of their names if You'd like

00:42:32.000 --> 00:42:48.000

to reach out to them. Personally my role at the bank is an Sba lender is to help borrowers who are seeking an Sba loan for many purposes, including acquisitions of existing businesses.

00:42:48.000 --> 00:42:54.000

Perhaps expansion of your business. Perhaps a startup of a new business partnership.

00:42:54.000 --> 00:42:59.000

Buy out, and many other Sba eligible reasons.

00:42:59.000 --> 00:43:02.000

Today I'll be on the panel discussing spas.

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3 unique export loan guarantee programs. These are loans that help commercial banks, such as banner make loans to businesses that are either expanding their export program or even, someone who's just thinking about starting an export program and that's the nice thing about the sba

00:43:23.000 --> 00:43:30.000

guarantee programs. You don't have to have a current export part of your business.

00:43:30.000 --> 00:43:47.000

All you have to do is have a plan to try and tap into that international marketplace, and we also have, you know, some resources to put people in touch with other exports in the experts in the export. Field.

00:43:47.000 --> 00:43:51.000

and we'll be happy to get you connected to help.

00:43:51.000 --> 00:44:10.000

Get that export program off the ground One of the additional benefits of the Sba export guarantee loan programs is that it gives a bank a 90% loan guarantee and that differs from the 75% loan guarantees for the traditional 7 a sba

00:44:10.000 --> 00:44:28.000

loans, and of course, with that 15%, extra guarantee, it does help the bank entertain additional companies and provide capital to companies that otherwise may not have qualified for traditional commercial bank funding.

00:44:28.000 --> 00:44:49.000

It's also important to know. Did it Sba export loan guarantee can help you whether you are the direct exporter, or if you are selling products or services to a company who then turns around and exports those goods banner, has an approachable and seasoned, international

00:44:49.000 --> 00:45:14.000

banking team that focuses on developing solutions to ensure your international payments for the services or products that you have sold to International buyers are protected from the additional payment risk from selling internationally some of these programs to include import and export letters of credit import and export documentary

00:45:14.000 --> 00:45:22.000

collections. Both of these are financial instruments, and will result in your buyers.

00:45:22.000 --> 00:45:38.000

Bank, essentially guaranteeing. They will pay you for your services or products that make the promise to Banner Bank, and then we facilitate payment of your account, receivable between the banks.

00:45:38.000 --> 00:45:51.000

We also provide standby letters of credit, and export credit insurance, so you can get insurance to cover the recounts receivable you create from your overseas sales.

00:45:51.000 --> 00:45:56.000

And last we have foreign exchange for forward contracts.

00:45:56.000 --> 00:46:04.000

This would help if you decided to broaden the market by being willing to accept your buyers.

00:46:04.000 --> 00:46:10.000

Foreign currency as the payment as opposed to the Us. Dollars.

00:46:10.000 --> 00:46:36.000

And so with these products you can lock into a guaranteed for an exchange rate.

00:46:36.000 --> 00:46:41.000

Thank you. Robin, and you know what I see. A couple of folks when you mentioned where you have locations.

00:46:41.000 --> 00:46:54.000

They've asked for contacts. So I just want to remind folks you've got an email, I believe, this morning from Lisa White, and she has links to all of the organizations that we're featuring and I believe their contact.

00:46:54.000 --> 00:47:14.000

Information, but we will definitely have them. Have her follow up and provide you with the contact contacts within their within their organizations to help you, and then also just want to remind you that she will be speaking again in the breakout session so you might want to join, plan to join Robin's

00:47:14.000 --> 00:47:15.000

breakout session to get that information as well. Okay.

00:47:15.000 --> 00:47:26.000

Thanks so much again for allowing me to introduce myself and Banner Bank along with the Sba. Loans that I focus on. If anyone has any questions regarding Sba loans and in particular Sba export loans programs i'm more than happy to follow up with you Thank you.

00:47:26.000 --> 00:47:30.000

great thanks, so much tarry and great to be here to speak with you guys.

00:47:30.000 --> 00:47:32.000

Today My name is Johnny Price. I'm the Vp.

00:47:32.000 --> 00:47:44.000

Of fundraising refunder. We're based here in San Francisco, where I'm calling you from today, we help startup founders and small business owners risk capital from their customers and community.

00:47:44.000 --> 00:47:48.000

As well as credit set investors and institutional investors.

00:47:48.000 --> 00:47:54.000

Historically, when startups raise capital they were limited to raising from what the Sec.

00:47:54.000 --> 00:48:08.000

Was accredited investors. That's basically rich people, But in 2,012 Congress passed the Jobs Act which now allows anyone to invest in startups and small businesses They love not just rich people. This law.

00:48:08.000 --> 00:48:21.000

Is called regulation crowdfunding, and it allows founders like you guys to raise up to 5 million dollars per year from unaccreated investors as well as accredited investors.

00:48:21.000 --> 00:48:27.000

And the other really interesting thing about this law is that it allows you to publicly promote the investment opportunity.

00:48:27.000 --> 00:48:32.000

So let's say you're raising. You want to raise 200 grants to open a restaurant.

00:48:32.000 --> 00:48:41.000

Historically, you kind of had to privately pitch people, and he really were limited to kind of raising from, You know, millionaires and credited investors.

00:48:41.000 --> 00:48:46.000

and now, with refund, you can put that 200 K campaign on your Facebook.

00:48:46.000 --> 00:49:05.000

Page, and you can send email to everyone in your network, and you can put a press release in the local paper, say, through both, allowing you to now raise from 100% of the population versus the richest 5% population and by enabling you to use kind of marketing to promote the investment opportunity and

00:49:05.000 --> 00:49:19.000

we we want to try to make it a little bit easier for entrepreneurs for country to raise capital, whether they are tech startups or by inside companies or ministry businesses like bars and restaurants and coffee shops.

00:49:19.000 --> 00:49:26.000

We've had movies, raised on. We've had soccer teams, race, And we fund that the minimum on the platform is 50.

00:49:26.000 --> 00:49:29.000

K: So you can raise between 50 K. And 5 from the end.

00:49:29.000 --> 00:49:37.000

Through this regulation crowdfunding law. We call it community round, and where you're raising capital from your community, because we think it sounds better.

00:49:37.000 --> 00:49:48.000

The average company and we fund the raise about $500,000 the media, and is more like $300,000, and the average investment amount on the platform is $1,000.

00:49:48.000 --> 00:50:01.000

So if you're raising 300 grand from your community, that might come from 300 people who are investing a $1,000 each, And this 2 2 things we we I think we can help entrepreneurs.

00:50:01.000 --> 00:50:09.000

Like you guys with the first is this is this is kind of can help to accelerate the sometimes arduous process of raising capital.

00:50:09.000 --> 00:50:16.000

For the reasons I've mentioned earlier, and because we have a 1 million and a half investors, and we funded that we put you in front of.

00:50:16.000 --> 00:50:21.000

And you know hopefully, your your company appeals to them, and you can raise some money from our investor base.

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:38.000

But the other thing we really want to try to do here is to is to say that if you can recruit an army of investors to invest in your company, that's gonna be a way to delight your customers and and increase their loyalty and turn them into really enthusiastic brand

00:50:38.000 --> 00:50:42.000

ambassadors and champions for what you're building.

00:50:42.000 --> 00:50:47.000

And so this idea of like recruiting is army of champions is is really central to what we do.

00:50:47.000 --> 00:50:57.000

We are a public benefit corporation. That we funder in A, B call So we're pretty mission driven organization before we find our way for a nonprofit. Called Kiva.

00:50:57.000 --> 00:51:01.000

Org. We were making micro loans to entrepreneurs throughout the country.

00:51:01.000 --> 00:51:03.000

Here, at we Funded, with still in crowdfunding.

00:51:03.000 --> 00:51:20.000

But now do much larger sums of money. But our mission is to expand access to capital French burner as kind of in aggregate, but also to try to level the playing field and address some of the you know, ways, in which some found this underrepresented today, and obviously if you look

00:51:20.000 --> 00:51:25.000

at the stats around venture capital and early stage account, look into women entrepreneurs.

00:51:25.000 --> 00:51:53.000

It's it's pretty egregious, and say we hope that a more democratic model of you know, funding entrepreneurs and founders can help get more capital flowing to female entrepreneurs like you guys So i'm really excited to be here today, if

00:51:53.000 --> 00:51:57.000

Thank you, Johnny. That's excellent, and you dip great with your time.

00:51:57.000 --> 00:52:00.000

So appreciate that next up we have Carrington.

00:52:00.000 --> 00:52:06.000

Yeah, ubanks, who Karen and you can turn on your camera and unmute yourself and introduce industry to us.

00:52:06.000 --> 00:52:13.000

Which I'm really excited. That industry is here because I learned about Linda Street just through some community work that I was doing.

00:52:13.000 --> 00:52:16.000

And you guys are an awesome organ and not that I'm not at.

00:52:16.000 --> 00:52:19.000

This is not an endorsement and just put that out there.

00:52:19.000 --> 00:52:24.000

But I know you guys are doing some really awesome work in the community.

00:52:24.000 --> 00:52:32.000

thank you, Terry. I appreciate that. Hello, everyone. My name is Carrington Newbank, and I'm office in Los Angeles, California.

00:52:32.000 --> 00:52:50.000

I am a former business banker. Term lenders to be senior vice president of strategic partnerships, and all that means is, I'm responsible to work with and through financial partners, to leverage public and private capital so that lend street can deliver loan and grant products that support small businesses

00:52:50.000 --> 00:52:58.000

that need or want capital, lend Industry opened its doors in 2,016, and we are headquartered in downtown Los Angeles.

00:52:58.000 --> 00:53:07.000

We currently have offices in California, New York, Maryland, Texas, and we're growing into more states right here in the near future.

00:53:07.000 --> 00:53:12.000

In summary L. Industries of minority led technology enabled community development.

00:53:12.000 --> 00:53:24.000

Financial institution also known in the industry as a Cdfi, and we have a mission to provide economic opportunities and progressive growth to small business owners and their historically underserved communities.

00:53:24.000 --> 00:53:32.000

This includes small businesses owned by women as the only thin text enabled Cdfi lendis Tree has both the technology and The community.

00:53:32.000 --> 00:53:44.000

Remotely with partner organizations to deliver capital to businesses, that traditional things are not able to serve on their own, usually due to regulatory and or operation.

00:53:44.000 --> 00:53:58.000

Restrictions together at Len Street and its partners provide historically, under estimated small business owners with it pathway to success by providing equitable economic opportunities as a source of financing and financial education.

00:53:58.000 --> 00:54:06.000

Let us. She offer smug business loans ranging from $50,000 all the way up to 5 million, and we lend in all 50 States.

00:54:06.000 --> 00:54:15.000

We offer 2 loans non-revolving lines of credit, commercial, real estate loans for both owner occupied, and investment properties, and lastly, Sba.

00:54:15.000 --> 00:54:35.000

7, a loans, Eligible loan purposes include increasing working capital, expanding a small business, refinancing current debt, acquiring a existing business, financing, commercial, real estate, purchasing furniture, fixtures supplies and much more to date, We have supported

00:54:35.000 --> 00:54:50.000

approximately 600,000 small businesses, with almost 8 point, 8 billion dollars in grant and loan capital and the Landistry family looks forward to working with you.

00:54:50.000 --> 00:54:58.000

Thank you, Karen, to Now you have more than 2 min left, So I'm I'm gonna ask you a quick question, because I know some of the work you guys did here in California.

00:54:58.000 --> 00:54:59.000

Can you just briefly talk about what you guys did during the pandemic, and how you were able to assist like.

00:54:59.000 --> 00:55:09.000

As well. Thank you so much, everyone, and I'll pass it right back over to Terry

00:55:09.000 --> 00:55:19.000

Sure, So in the State of California we we started with Ppp loans and at the time we were only in the State of California.

00:55:19.000 --> 00:55:23.000

That was our footprint and Everett sands.

00:55:23.000 --> 00:55:37.000

Our CEO wrote to Sba 6 times, asking if we could support all 50 states of Ppp loans, and 6 times we just, they said, no, and the 7 time they Finally, said Yes, and that's what kind of you know.

00:55:37.000 --> 00:55:42.000

I just wanted to say that because persistence, and what, for instance, can do.

00:55:42.000 --> 00:55:55.000

And so in that moment we were able to do Ppp loans in all 50 states, So that's kind of how we started our national footprint, and then beyond that, we were able to support California the State of California.

00:55:55.000 --> 00:56:17.000

With their covid 19 Grant relief program that Grant really program started about started with about 500 million and that they wanted to deploy the small businesses across The State, and after taking we had the first 2 weeks we had about over 300,000 applications at that point that is when the state increased their

00:56:17.000 --> 00:56:24.000

budget for Covid 19 Grant relief programs and ended up ultimately being about a 4 billion dollar program.

00:56:24.000 --> 00:56:30.000

So Lens! She was the single administrator of that capital, and that led to other opportunities.

00:56:30.000 --> 00:56:41.000

We did the same thing for the State of New York, and their Covid 19 grant program the city of New York, and it just kind of spread like wildfire from there So Terry.

00:56:41.000 --> 00:56:59.000

I appreciate you, allowing me to share that, because what it is for landistry is, we just want to be able to support small businesses, with access to capital, when access to capital is needed, and I think that doing things like this and i'm being able to participate and share on platforms

00:56:59.000 --> 00:57:12.000

like this one. It really supports not building walls between organizations, but taking them down and saying, Listen, if we can't do it, A partner, can, you know, and And working together so I think this this is great.

00:57:12.000 --> 00:57:13.000

And I just wish all of you on the line, the the most success; and if I can be a part of that, and let us just be a part of that.

00:57:13.000 --> 00:57:21.000

What does that look like? What did you guys do during the pandemic to help companies keep their doors open

00:57:21.000 --> 00:57:23.000

Thank you, Karen, and I'm glad to do.

00:57:23.000 --> 00:57:35.000

I'm I'm glad you mentioned that, because I think companies need to know like we're who are the people because I think the average person would know that it was an industry that was doing this work.

00:57:35.000 --> 00:57:41.000

But I know you guys, saved a lot of businesses when we were in the thick of the the pandemic.

00:57:41.000 --> 00:57:46.000

So thank you for that. Next up we have clear. I'm I'm sorry we have, Elizabeth.

00:57:46.000 --> 00:57:55.000

I corn, and you can please turn on your your camera and introduce yourself and your organization.

00:57:55.000 --> 00:57:59.000

Thanks, Terry. Hi! Everyone! I'm Elizabeth.

00:57:59.000 --> 00:58:02.000

I corn. I'm our director of sales that I fund women.

00:58:02.000 --> 00:58:08.000

I find women is the go to funding marketplace for women own businesses and around the world.

00:58:08.000 --> 00:58:13.000

So we give you not only access to capital, through crowdfunding.

00:58:13.000 --> 00:58:18.000

We are rewards Based crowdfunding. We'll talk about that a little bit more later.

00:58:18.000 --> 00:58:22.000

we have broker grants and connections through our 7.

00:58:22.000 --> 00:58:29.000

A partnership within. Excuse me, 7 a loans with our partnership with annuity, but we also have connections.

00:58:29.000 --> 00:58:41.000

We know that it's a really really big piece of owning a business, no matter if you are in your ideation phase or pre revenue, or proven demand.

00:58:41.000 --> 00:58:48.000

You need to know who it is that you should be speaking to to help you ensure that you can actually move forward.

00:58:48.000 --> 00:58:54.000

So sometimes, if you're in the early stages of a business, the right funding might not You might not know what it is.

00:58:54.000 --> 00:59:04.000

So attending events like this is really important as well as making sure that you are connected to other people on iphone women and so, not only do we have access to capital.

00:59:04.000 --> 00:59:21.000

Connections. We also have coaching, because not only is it about actually ensuring you get connections and the capital you need to know what exactly is the education piece behind running a business I had spent a very long time running my own business and realized.

00:59:21.000 --> 00:59:30.000

The difficulty that is is is running this. So it does not matter if you are in school getting an Nba.

00:59:30.000 --> 00:59:44.000

or what I did. The actual putting pen to paper is a bit difficult, and so we do have coaches that I fund women to have ensure that you are making decisions that are best for your company.

00:59:44.000 --> 00:59:55.000

So I fund women is kind of all over, and we have gotten to work with incredible businesses who are working in spaces like building their own Co.

00:59:55.000 --> 01:00:01.000

Working spaces, to grant partnerships with Johnny Walker to also.

01:00:01.000 --> 01:00:08.000

Now we have new ones with visa, and making sure that women around the globe have access to capital.

01:00:08.000 --> 01:00:13.000

So that is, I fund women

01:00:13.000 --> 01:00:14.000

great! Oh, great! Thank you Now you still have more time to You still.

01:00:14.000 --> 01:00:18.000

So, Terry, I will turn it back. Yeah.

01:00:18.000 --> 01:00:20.000

Have like 3 min, Elizabeth. Now bye, so so tell us more so as I fund women.

01:00:20.000 --> 01:00:40.000

Oh, great! You can ask me Great! So we are a rewards based crowdfunding platform, and we actually teach you how to Crowdfund On iphone women.

01:00:40.000 --> 01:00:41.000

So you heard about other crowdfunding platforms earlier in this call, and there's differences between reward space and more of an equity based crowdfunding.

01:00:41.000 --> 01:00:53.000

A crowdsource funding platform, or how to how do participants engage with you?

01:00:53.000 --> 01:01:04.000

So in make sure that you go and hear both of our conversations, so you'll see what what is different about it so often.

01:01:04.000 --> 01:01:05.000

So Yeah, come in here from us and people who've crowdfunded with, I fund women.

01:01:05.000 --> 01:01:13.000

Okay, great.

01:01:13.000 --> 01:01:14.000

And now are you in the startup part of the program, or are you in the growing part of your?

01:01:14.000 --> 01:01:20.000

So yeah, So we have access to both crowdfunding and grants.

01:01:20.000 --> 01:01:27.000

Great question. So we are in both. We have opportunities for people who are hard in ideation.

01:01:27.000 --> 01:01:35.000

So this is really important, for the startup itself. Oftentimes when you are hearing from lenders Sba.

01:01:35.000 --> 01:01:39.000

Loan officers, and you are a brand new startup.

01:01:39.000 --> 01:01:43.000

You still need to figure out. How are you going to get that loan?

01:01:43.000 --> 01:01:48.000

So if you do not have collateral, if you don't have 2 years of revenue we're here for you so.

01:01:48.000 --> 01:01:54.000

We say You have an idea. Let's figure out how to get you some funding to help you get Tr going.

01:01:54.000 --> 01:01:55.000

and just so you are aware, for people. I see this question has happened a few times.

01:01:55.000 --> 01:02:12.000

Are the program

01:02:12.000 --> 01:02:13.000

Can you Can You give us an example you got? You have another one.

01:02:13.000 --> 01:02:16.000

What is crowdfunding. So crowdfunding is when you raise small increments of money through lots of people to help you raise a specific goal

01:02:16.000 --> 01:02:21.000

Sure, sure. Okay, I actually did do crowdfunding for my company.

01:02:21.000 --> 01:02:27.000

So let's say you are starting a new line of what I did, which was a new line of food products.

01:02:27.000 --> 01:02:30.000

And you are needing funding for manufacturing.

01:02:30.000 --> 01:02:41.000

I went ahead and decided to have rewards that are based off of that new product, and I was pre selling them, and Pre, so people could pre-order That new food product.

01:02:41.000 --> 01:02:46.000

I was getting the money from lots of people that I know, so small increments some money.

01:02:46.000 --> 01:02:52.000

So then I could go into manufacturing of that product, so that is reward space crowdfunding.

01:02:52.000 --> 01:02:53.000

So it's an exchange of money in exchange.

01:02:53.000 --> 01:02:55.000

You have one more minute, so give us an example of proud fun

01:02:55.000 --> 01:03:00.000

You get a good and receive. Excuse me goods or services.

01:03:00.000 --> 01:03:11.000

Great. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Yeah, Yeah, And I appreciate folks asking questions in the chat, too, because that helps drive the conversation.

01:03:11.000 --> 01:03:16.000

And you know, don't be afraid to ask a question, because no question is like a dumb question.

01:03:16.000 --> 01:03:22.000

It's good. And if you have that question, chances are there's about 200 plus people that are on the line.

01:03:22.000 --> 01:03:25.000

Chances are there's someone else here that has the same question.

01:03:25.000 --> 01:03:31.000

So thank you. Okay. So next up we have. And this is last, but not least.

01:03:31.000 --> 01:03:37.000

And I'm really excited about this firm, too. That's 22 fun, cause I know the founder of that one here in Los Angeles.

01:03:37.000 --> 01:03:38.000

But next that we have Monica Dodi, Monica.

01:03:38.000 --> 01:03:45.000


01:03:45.000 --> 01:03:51.000

Okay? Great: Well, thank you, Terry. It's nice to to be here with you and with everybody.

01:03:51.000 --> 01:03:58.000

what a great group of strong women! It's always so encouraging to be surrounded with like minded individuals.

01:03:58.000 --> 01:04:07.000

So it's a pleasure to be here. I'm a partner with the 22 fund before I was involved with the 22 fun.

01:04:07.000 --> 01:04:12.000

I just went say that I spent about 25 years on the other side of the table.

01:04:12.000 --> 01:04:26.000

I ran for different companies, both here in the United States and overseas for about 10 years, and I went to the other side of the table in terms of investment with soft bank venture.

01:04:26.000 --> 01:04:42.000

Capital, and that's when I saw that I was the only woman in the room, and so diving deep and looking at the numbers, we saw that there, is just a sheer lack of capital out there for women and people.

01:04:42.000 --> 01:04:51.000

Of color. So we started the 22 funds named after the 22 Polydoras of Los Angeles.

01:04:51.000 --> 01:05:02.000

Those are the 22 adults. So people of color that founded this thriving economic powerhouse that it is today.

01:05:02.000 --> 01:05:14.000

Thus, you know, underlying our focus, and in diversity that diversity brings strength, brings productivity, brings profitability, brings return on investment.

01:05:14.000 --> 01:05:20.000

Our focus is investing in women and people of color in manufacturing.

01:05:20.000 --> 01:05:27.000

So it's all about creating jobs and expanding the global footprint.

01:05:27.000 --> 01:05:34.000

we we see that there's an equity gap post seed and Series A.

01:05:34.000 --> 01:05:42.000

So we see that women and people caller have difficulty raising money once they get going.

01:05:42.000 --> 01:06:04.000

Once they've proven the market. Once they've seeing that there is demand for their products, and they need working capital to expand their inventories, to expand their production facilities, to hire more people so we consider ourselves holistic investors that we're all about creating jobs and clean tech green tech across all

01:06:04.000 --> 01:06:13.000

sectors of the economy across the United States. We're also taking advantage of certain friends.

01:06:13.000 --> 01:06:17.000

That is the greening of America that people really want to.

01:06:17.000 --> 01:06:24.000

You know by products that are healthy, that are green, just sort of change.

01:06:24.000 --> 01:06:37.000

The ways that that that will help our planet. We also see the trend of reassuring into America in terms of supply chains that were broken during the pandemic.

01:06:37.000 --> 01:06:48.000

That now people want to start manufacturing here, and so we are providing capital to to companies that really want to expand their footprint overseas.

01:06:48.000 --> 01:06:57.000

we, for example, we've invested in a company that replaces single use plastics based here in Los Angeles.

01:06:57.000 --> 01:07:08.000

They manufacture all around the world, but they also have manufacturing facilities here in the United States, and their intention is to bring even more manufacturing here in the United States.

01:07:08.000 --> 01:07:14.000

So they have more excuse me, more control of the processes as well as the innovation.

01:07:14.000 --> 01:07:32.000

You know a lot of it is also about protecting your intellectual property as you expand, and when you're closer to where you manufacture things, you just have better insights and how to make a better product, and compete on the global on a global basis we've invested in

01:07:32.000 --> 01:07:37.000

a company up in Portland that does electric charging stations.

01:07:37.000 --> 01:07:52.000

Excuse me, and that's for fleets and the CEO is an African-american man who is planning to manufacture 100% here in the United States and provide electric charging stations.

01:07:52.000 --> 01:07:59.000

Throughout the United States. We've also invested in a company that replaces food waste with.

01:07:59.000 --> 01:08:03.000

excuse me, that turns food waste into fertilizers.

01:08:03.000 --> 01:08:13.000

She is an African American woman based in New York, and we see that there's a huge trend He's generated a lot of interest from a large scale.

01:08:13.000 --> 01:08:20.000

Agricultural companies. So these are just a few examples of the different kinds of industries that we focus on today.

01:08:20.000 --> 01:08:26.000

We're going to be talking with another company that we've invested in called Sienna Naturals.

01:08:26.000 --> 01:08:35.000

Hannah Geop is the CEO, and her partner is is array, and they've created hair products for women with the textured hair that are clean.

01:08:35.000 --> 01:08:56.000

And natural, and so we will be discussing the whole process that we've gone through in terms of funding her and her company, and the kinds of questions that we look for from the entrepreneurs that have already reached a certain point in terms of success but they need to think bigger grow faster

01:08:56.000 --> 01:09:06.000

think globally, and expand their product, line, but without hurting the planet and create and also at the same time creating jobs.

01:09:06.000 --> 01:09:22.000

So anyway, I'm really excited, and I think we're at the cutting edge of. Where all sort of all forces are coming together, and thus that's why we we believe we're a holistic investor we sees there's a tremendous amount of opportunity.

01:09:22.000 --> 01:09:26.000

These are people that are typically overlooked by traditional investors.

01:09:26.000 --> 01:09:30.000

And yeah, we are again. We're equity investors. We're not.

01:09:30.000 --> 01:09:40.000

We don't get loans, but we really focus on partnering with the with the leaders that can up to tomorrow.

01:09:40.000 --> 01:09:51.000

Hmm! Thank you, Monica and I I do know that you guys are doing amazing work, and and I'm always in awe of what he's accomplished.

01:09:51.000 --> 01:10:00.000

So far, so thank you for being with us here today. I want to just note that we have one more funding platform our venture capital firm.

01:10:00.000 --> 01:10:19.000

The gentleman, Then Lee is a man managing director of circle up growth partners, He'll be presenting along with the founder and CEO of net pods. Madeleine Hayden during the last breakout session in the blue room he's not able to be here today for the introduction part so if

01:10:19.000 --> 01:10:26.000

you are interested. Please Plan to join their session I just want to thank all of our lenders and our funders and investors.

01:10:26.000 --> 01:10:39.000

Those are great overviews, I'm sure. Once you go back and you see the chat there were a lot of shout-outs, and and and great impressions of what your organizations are doing at this point?

01:10:39.000 --> 01:10:44.000

I'm going to turn the program back over to Melissa, and we we're right on time.

01:10:44.000 --> 01:10:58.000

We got like 3 min before our our. We do our our breakout sessions, and Melissa is gonna give us an overview of this. She's gonna give us the zoom tech instructions.

01:10:58.000 --> 01:11:03.000

On how you select your next session, and again they'll begin in about 2 min.

01:11:03.000 --> 01:11:11.000

Now, which is 1015 A. M. Here on the Pacific West coast, but 1, 15 Pm.

01:11:11.000 --> 01:11:16.000

Eastern, 1215 central. And what is that mountain time?

01:11:16.000 --> 01:11:19.000

Is it? 1115. So we're trying to manage all the time.

01:11:19.000 --> 01:11:25.000

Zones and and everything, and I just want to give a special shout out I want to.

01:11:25.000 --> 01:11:28.000

I wrote this down. I have colleagues from throughout the Us. Field that are on.

01:11:28.000 --> 01:11:33.000

I think I mentioned them earlier but they're gonna, be in each of these breakout sessions.

01:11:33.000 --> 01:11:37.000

So we have Jessica Gordon from Dallas, Texas, Monica, to Perkowitz.

01:11:37.000 --> 01:11:51.000

She's from Chicago, Illinois, Elizabeth a hearn She's from Peoria, Illinois, Lisa Fors From Miami, Florida, Julian Hennessy from right here in Los Angeles Patty Brewer who I think is with

01:11:51.000 --> 01:11:55.000

Sba, but shouting you out to Patty also, Kendrick Quo!

01:11:55.000 --> 01:12:25.000

From our office in Michigan and Ludwiga Alvarez, who is based in San Francisco, So I'm so excited to be joined by all of our colleagues from across the Field Lady colleagues from across the field.

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