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Rare and limited-edition artisanal mezcales with herbaceous and floral notes from Michoacan, Mexico. Distilled using 400-year-old distillation methods and two ingredients – 100% agave and water, that’s it.

Rosalinda Mendoza

Founder of Mocel Mezcal

Mocel Mezcal Artesanal was founded by sisters, Rosalinda and Elizabeth Mendoza, from rural Washington State and daughters of farmworker immigrants from Michoacán, Mexico. Mocel is one of a very small number of mezcal brands currently available in the United States that feature mezcales from Michoacán, Mexico, where the Mendoza family comes from.

Mocel uses two ingredients - 100% agave and water - and distills the mezcal in a wooden still unique to the Michoacán region. The distillation process is time-honored and time-intensive, resulting in limited, small batches, each with a distinct flavor profile. Mocel’s artisanal mezcales are then bottled in stunning, handmade ceramic bottles featuring artwork inspired by textile patterns native to Michoacán. Mocel won Double Gold Medals at the esteemed 2023 San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition (aka "The Oscars of Spirits") for both its Cupreata and Ensamble Expressions.

ROSALINDA MENDOZA, founder of Mocel Mezcal


Bottle of Mocel Mezcal's Cupreata 2021 Expression

Cupreata 2021 Expression

Distilled in 2021 (only 449 bottles released), this artisanal mezcal has a bright and herbaceous profile. Made from Michoacán’s distinctive Cupreata varietal, locally known as Chino, this stunning agave takes roughly 8 to 10 years to mature before it can be harvested for mezcal production. 

Bottle of Mocel Mezcal's Ensamble 2021 Expression

Ensamble 2021 Expression

A concoction of three regional agaves from inland Michoacán along the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt, this mezcal strikes bright floral and sweet notes. The Inaequidens agave used in the Ensamble takes at least 15 years before it can be harvested and distilled into mezcal. Only 582 bottles released in this limited batch.