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Mara Smith

Founder of Inspiro Tequila

Inspiro Tequila was born with a vision to redefine what it means to enjoy tequila by crafting a clean, smooth and sippable 100% agave tequila without any additives. The goal was not just to create a one-of-a-kind tequila, it was also to bring another female perspective to the spirits industry by having women involved in every aspect of the process. Inspiro Tequila is proudly distilled, owned and led by women. We are Certified B Corp for our social impact initiatives. We support other female founders on their entrepreneurial journeys through grants and mentoring.

Mara Smith, founder of Inspiro Tequila


Inspiro Tequila Luna Blanco

Luna Blanco 

Luna Blanco is a clean, confirmed additive-free tequila meticulously crafted from 100% agave and rested in oak barrels to create a smooth and sippable blanco tequila with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel with hints of mint and citrus.  

Bottle of Inspiro Tequila Rosa Reposado

Rosa Reposado 

Rosa Reposado, is the first tequila aged in French rose wine barrels creating a unique and delectable tequila with a gorgeous natural rose-gold hue and notes of cooked pineapple, toffee, and berries. It is confirmed additive-free.