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"She flies with her own wings"

Jill Kuehler

Founder of Freeland Spirits

Freeland Spirits are hand crafted, small-batch spirits from Portland, Oregon. Distilled by Master Distiller Molly Troupe. Women owned and Operated.

JILL KUEHLER, founder of Freeland Spirits


Bottle of Freeland Gin

Freeland Gin

Freeland Spirits Gin takes you on a sensory journey with zesty citrus, garden herbs and warm spice with woodsy notes of juniper and spruce. Expertly distilled using a dual distillation process, the flavors of our Fresh Five botanicals — rosemary, mint, cucumber, thyme, and honey — play nicely with 14 dried botanicals. Delicious enough to drink neat.

Bottle of Freeland Dry Gin

Dry Gin

Freeland Spirits Dry Gin clocks in at 57% alcohol because strong women deserve strong gin. Packed with bold juniper flavor, we back it up with notes of pine forest, mulled spices, green olive and a hint of citrus. Pairs well with classic rock.

Bottle of Freeland Forest Gin

Forest Gin

A loving ode to the PNW outdoors. Made with and inspired by forageable ingredients. 

Bottle of Freeland Bourbon

Freeland Bourbon

Freeland Sprits Bourbon evokes memories of a southern kitchen, with soft caramel and baked berries layered with vanilla beans, cocoa and spice. We add a touch of Pacific Northwest terroir by resting our Bourbon in Oregon Pinot Noir oak barrels.