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California craft brewery specializing in traditionally brewed European-style beer.

Cindy Nagamura Chen

Founder of BRAMS Beer

BRAMS Beer first began as an attempt to recreate the refreshing, crisp French pilsners that herald from the Strasbourg region of France. We launched during the height of the pandemic with our flagship BRAMS French Pilsner and have since expanded our portfolio to include the BRAMS Coffee Cacao Stout - a dry, coffee and cacao-infused beer - as well as the BRAMS Trappist-style Dubbel - our homage to the Trappist beers of Belgium. All our beer is brewed traditionally and conditioned for a minimum of 3 months and are brewed with ingredients sourced direct from the hop farms or through our local California maltster. Beer Connoisseur has scored our beer in the 90s and both our Coffee Cacao Stout and Trappist-Style Dubbel have won gold in commercial beer competitions.



BRAMS French Pilsner Label

BRAMS French Pilsner

The BRAMS French Pilsner, our most popular beer, came into fruition on the ambling waters of the Canal du Midi. Brewed with a Strasbourg sensibility, this pilsner is very French. Clean and sunny, while paying homage to the tradition of biére de garde brewing, each bottle is 100% bottle conditioned for a minimum of 3 months.

BRAMS Coffee Cacao Stout Label

Coffee Cacao Stout

The BRAMS Coffee Cacao Stout is our love song to coffee, chocolate, and beer. Steeped with organic South American cacao nibs and 100% Arabica whole decaf coffee beans, the rich darkness of our stout is undeniable. More like a dunkable cup of coffee, our BRAMS Coffee Cacao Stout doesn't cling at the finish. It's peppy and focused, rather than creamy. We have ours for brunch with some thick chocolate chip french toast. We’ve also been known to pair it with a generous slice of chocolate cake or big scoop of chocolate ice cream.

BRAMS Trappist-Style Dubbel Label

Trappist-Style Dubbel

The BRAMS Dubbel is our homage to the Trappist-style ales of Belgium. At nearly 8% ABV, the dryness of our Dubbel evenly juxtaposes its dark fruit and roasted malt notes. Poured gently, the Dubbel has a creamy white foam that sits atop a deep amber beer. Medium-bodied with only slight bitterness and hints of plum and banana bread spices, our Dubbel is smooth, easy-to-drink, and a perfect candidate for your wine cellar.