TheWMarketplace Wine Collection


TheWMarketplace is an ecommerce platform designed for women-owned and gender-balanced businesses.  It is our mission to accelerate the closing of the gender gap by putting money directly into the pockets of women-owned businesses.  Women control 85% of consumer purchasing decisions in the US, and we are creating a community that harnesses this enormous economic power and appeals to shoppers and merchants alike.  

We have launched partnerships with women–owned and gender–balanced wineries to highlight and promote their companies as shopping increasingly moves on line.  A recent McKinsey report notes that consumers will continue to shop online post-Covid, and estimates an increase of 34% in online alcohol sales even after the pandemic.  We want to help drive traffic in this new environment and have invested in paid social media and search advertising with 60K+ impressions on our platform in the first 5 months 


What We Provide 

  • Links to your winery for fulfillment of orders, newsletter and social media promotions across 4 platforms, as well as promotion of the Wine Collection throughout the year; 
  • Opportunities to be featured in our Her Story blog, where you can show consumers the “woman behind the wine;” and
  • Free use of beautifully created graphics to use on your social media channels, as well as access to discounted goods and services on the platform.    

How It Works 
Because we cannot sell wine directly from our site, we have created a special Collection of women-led wineries to help promote your business.  You will create a listing on our platform and to purchase your wines, consumers will click through to your website with a TheWMarketplace Discount Code.  You would then fulfill the order as you would normally.   

To be a part of our Collection, you will sign up as a seller at TheWMarketplace and create a beautiful “storefront”, basically a mini-website, on our platform.  You can then showcase any varietals, specific bottles, or subscriptions that you like as a “product listing.”  It’s as simple as uploading your photos, logo and contact information, and will take about 30 minutes to set up.   

To participate, we charge a $40 annual shop fee, plus an 8% commission on goods sold with the Discount Code.  At the beginning of each month, we will ask for a report of sales using the discount code and we will invoice you for an 8% commission on wine sold with that code.   

We see this as an opportunity to partner with you to encourage our national consumer base to purchase from women-owned wineries.  We are building an ecosystem of women businesses and professional service providers and we would love to have you to join us! 

How Do I Sign Up? 
To sign up, simply click here and Join Now.  For easy-to-follow onboarding instructions, please click here.  If you have any questions, just reach out to Colleen Butler by clicking here with any questions you may have.  Join us in elevating women business owners nationwide!