TheWMarketplace and LeadHERship Global Join Forces to Accelerate Women-Owned Business Growth

Kristin Carver Smith

New Partnership Will Combine the Economic Engine for Women and the Most Impactful Online Community for Women

(SEATTLE) March 23, 2021  — Investing in women-owned businesses just makes sense, especially now as nearly three million women have left the workforce due to the pandemic and are looking for alternative ways to earn and create income. Women start businesses at almost twice the rate of men and they own and operate more than 60% of small businesses in the United States—40% of which are Black women owned. Even more impressively, 50% of U.S. jobs are within small businesses.

Women hold the key to economic growth in the United States—a fact that prompted TheWMarketplace, an online economic engine for women, to form a partnership with LeadHERship Global, an impactful community of women connecting in a confidential, supportive and private community. By sharing their resources, platforms and expertise, this mutually beneficial partnership will accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and leadership among women business owners in both communities.

“LeadHERship Global is thrilled to be partnering with TheWMarketplace as a new platform for our members to pivot to online sales and grow their existing sales channels,” said Linda Fisk, CEO of LeadHERship Global. “Our mission to support female leaders aligns perfectly with TheWMarketplace’s desire to grow and support women entrepreneurs.”

TheWMarketplace offers an immediate solution for women-owned merchants and professional service providers needing to pivot to an online presence to grow their sales. Since launching its online presence in September of 2020, the business has seen 300% growth in seller presence and lists almost 2,000 women-owned products and professional services. Through the partnership, TheWMarketplace offers LeadHERship Global members the chance to leverage the vast purchasing power of women through its national platform where they can sell their products, promote their professional services and access non-profit organizations that support women and girls. TheWMarketplate also provides access to other women entrepreneurs to collaborate with and share business resources and opportunities.

On the other side of the partnership, LeadHERship Global offers TheWMarketplace sellers an opportunity to join a confidential and supportive community designed to accelerate success of each member by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences, peer advisory services and expert-led coaching and mentoring. LeadHERship Global harnesses the knowledge, influence and trust of high-performing women around the world to stimulate idea exchange, support creativity, provide resources and tools and accelerate personal and professional growth. Every level of membership provides access to valuable insight, proprietary tools and resources, self-paced learning, executive coaching, impactful group experiences, mentoring relationships, influential networking, exclusive offers and expert-led instruction as well as public advocacy and meaningful philanthropy.

“Our partnership with LeadHERship Global will give TheWMarketplace sellers a great new resource for growing their business and leadership skills, as well as a whole new community with whom they can connect,” said Kate Isler, Co-Founder and CEO, TheWMarketplace. “We know that when women come together, there is nothing we cannot do!”

Through the partnership, both organizations will provide discounted memberships to their communities, making it easy for women business owners to take advantage of the opportunities that each platform provides to jumpstart or grow their business in 2021.

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About TheWMarketplace

TheWMarketplace is an eCommerce platform that supports women-owned businesses, services providers and gender balanced companies. In the summer of 2020, seeing the disproportionate effect that the pandemic was having on women, Kate Isler and Susan Gates knew they had to do something. They wanted to create a platform where women could launch, grow or pivot a business, find resources to help them succeed and meet other women entrepreneurs and business owners. A little less than three months later, on September 29th, TheWMarketplace was born. All major online shopping categories are offered and transactions are completed within the platform. Female professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, coaches, fitness instructors) can also list their businesses, providing a unique platform to grow their businesses. The third “door” to TheWMarketplace is an extensive listing of resources including non-profits, accelerators and associations supporting women and girls. Although small in size, TheWMarketplace team is rich in professional experience and committed to creating a community that supports other women and puts more money in their pockets.

About LeadHERship Global

LeadHERship Global helps its members accelerate their success by defining their vision, growing their leadership and expanding their influence while leaving a lasting legacy. LeadHERship Global is the most impactful community of extraordinary women in the world, unleashing the full potential of high-performing and growth-oriented leaders in a confidential, supportive and private community. We accelerate the success of high-achieving women by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences, peer advisory services and expert-led coaching and mentoring to positively impact their lives.