Welcome New Sellers - April Call

Agenda for the meeting:

      • Business Update
      • A deeper engagement with each of you 
      • We're investing in you
      • Action-oriented topics and to-dos 
      • Desire to hear your feedback about working with TheWMarketplace, your business, how we grow together​.


      • - Please share your screens, we love to see the faces of the women changing the world! 
      • - No question is a bad question - We are all learning and growing
      • - Don't forget to use the discount code when shopping, Seller's who sign up to add their items to the seller exchange have offered you 10% off of their products - Use Code SellerX
        • Leave a note at checkout and encourage them to shop from you inside your TWM Shopify store
      • Add your products to the seller exchange by adding the Tag "TWMPSeller10" to your listings!
      • - Ensure ALL of your listings are assigned to a collection
      • - Ensure ALL of your listings have a Mega Title and Description - This ensures your SEO is on point
      • - Ensure All of your listings have Tags attached