Seller FAQs

What is TheWMarketplace business model?

TheWMarketplace has three revenue streams:

1. Merchants pay an annual fee to participate in TheWMarketplace along with a % of each order placed.

2. Professional Service businesses pay an annual subscription fee to be listed in TheWMarketplace.

3. Advertising and promotional opportunities are available for merchants, professional service providers and sponsors of TheWMarketplace.

Why should I list products on TheWMarketplace rather than other eCommerce platforms?

At the heart of TheWMarketplace is community. We are here to support women-owned and gender-balanced companies in any way that they need to grow and thrive. Maybe it's a sales channel. Maybe it's a place to take your business on-line for the first time.
Maybe it's a place to start your business. Businesses at any stage of growth are welcome to join us and find their place in this community.

Our larger intention is to close the economic gender gap by shifting the vast purchasing power of women toward other women-owned and gender-balanced businesses. Women make about 85% [1] of all consumer purchasing decisions in the U.S. and cultural shifts are showing us that consumers are looking for new ways to shop their values.  When we come together, there is nothing that can stop us.

TheWMarketplace also provides new opportunities for advertising, story-telling, sponsorship and building new relationships with other women entrepreneurs.   Building a new business and need some legal advice?  You can find a woman lawyer through TheWMarketplace.  Thinking about retirement?  Search for a financial expert.  Need some chocolate after a long day of work?  We’ve got you covered!



How much will it cost me to list products on TheWMarketplace?

For pricing options, please visit our Pricing and Plans page.

Is there a certification as a woman-owned business to be a seller/or service provider on TheWMarketplace?

All merchants and service providers will be asked to complete a short self assessment prior to acceptance into the market.  This is not intended to be a barrier to entry as there are enough of those already!  It is an assurance to other merchants and customers that by purchasing products and services through TheWMarketplace they are supporting the goals of economic health and power for women.

Can I list products in other markets along with TheWMarketplace?

Yes!  Listing with TheWMarketplace does not require exclusivity.

Do I need to have items that are exclusive to TheWMarketplace and not offered other places?

Nope!  But please reach out if you are thinking about co-branding!

How long of a commitment do I have to make to sell merchandise on TheWMarketplace?

There is no time commitment to selling on TheWMarketplace.  But we think you’ll love it and want to stay!

When did TheWMarketplace officially launch?

TheWMarketplace was launched on September 29, 2020.

Is it possible to have an exclusive in a category on TheWMarketplace?

No.  TheWMarketplace strives to provide our members with a wide variety of choices and our sellers/service providers with broad exposure to customers.

Is there an opportunity for SEO on TheWMarketplace?

Yes.  The ecommerce platform allows for SEO and we will be working with merchants and service providers to optimize their listings for great search results.

Can I get support in setting up my store from the TheWMarketplace team?

Absolutely! If you have questions or are having trouble setting up your store, please contact us at and our team will be happy to assist you. 

Is there a minimum number of products needed to have a store on TheWMarketplace?

No, there is no minimum number of products needed to have a store on TheWMarketplace. Sellers can add or delete products from their listings at any time.

Which products am I prohibited from selling on TheWMarketplace?

No guns.  No tobacco products.  No multi level marketing products or services.  Nothing dangerous or illegal. At this time, we can't accept any CBD products but we are working on a solution so please check back. If you would like to promote your woman-owned winery or distillery, we have a great solution for you! Please contact for more details. We can't sell directly through our site, but we want to help you grow! (Ladies Love Wine!)

What size businesses can list on TheWMarketplace?

Any size! 

If I already have an existing store, can I integrate this into TheWMarketplace

Yes! There are a number of ways to connect your existing store to TheWMarketplace. Please contact us at CustomerCare@TheWMarketplace for more info.

What is TheWMarketplace Shipping Policy?

All sellers on TheWMarketplace will list their products with the cost of shipping included.