Seller FAQ

What is TheWMarketplace?

TheWMarketplace is an e-commerce marketplace owned by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. It’s also the only online shop that offers both products AND services -- all by women-owned or gender-balanced businesses. TheWMarketplace also is a community of women entrepreneurs who shop and do business with each other. We know that women doing business with women will change the world. Join us!

How do you assure that all of the products on TheWMarketplace are sold by women-owned or gender-balanced businesses?

Each merchant or professional service provider completes a short self-assessment prior to joining TheWMarketplace.

What are your fees?

Subscription fees are $19.99/month or $190/year (almost $50 in savings!). You can choose the model that works best for you. Payment begins after a two week on-boarding period to give you a chance to get your shop set up and looking fabulous. Commission is simple: 8% sales commission + 3% credit card processing fee.

That's it! No listing fees. No forced advertising. No hidden costs. We want you to grow and thrive!

Do I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to join TheWMarketplace? What's the catch??

There is no catch. Just click the link to "Become a Seller or Service Provider", answer the short screening form, and join The Economic Engine for Women! We are here to help you be successful so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

If I already have an existing store, can I integrate this into TheWMarketplace?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to use a Shopify connector to quickly and easily link your store, receive orders, manage your inventory and shipping.

What is the return policy?

Every seller on the site has their own return policy.

Who does the shipping?

Each merchant manages their own shipping. Our store policy is that items must be shipped within 72 hours of the order being placed, unless it is a special order requiring customization, etc. We have a "shipping included' site-wide policy, after reading a LOT of research about how much free shipping impacts cart conversion (up to 70%!). Let us know if we can provide some guidance on adjusting your pricing accordingly.

Which products am I prohibited from selling on TheWMarketplace?

No guns. No tobacco products. No multi-level marketing products or services. Nothing dangerous or illegal. Nothing with hate speech. At this time we can't list any products that contain CBD. We are hoping to change this soon so please check back! If your products contain alcohol, please reach out to Customer Care for more info.

How will you help customers or clients find me?

We are ALWAYS talking about our sellers and service providers! We invest every month in paid advertising on social media, search engines and newsletter and other sponsorships. We also brag about you in newsletters sent 2x per week to customers, in our organic social channels, through LIVE events and in Her Story blog posts. On top of this, our founders, Kate and Susan, are recording podcasts, speaking at events, writing articles and blog posts and doing interviews with the media every chance they get, about their passion to close the gender gap. We just can't stop talking about women entrepreneurs!

We also have opportunities for paid advertisement on the website and in our newsletters and social media channels. Click here for pricing and placement info.

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