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POMP Flowers

POMP flowers are a curated collection of hand-picked, straight from the farm, abundant flower arrangements. The family behind POMP has been growing roses in Colombia and Ecuador for over 30 years and their roses are featured at the Rose Bowl, Tony Awards and Miss American Pageant. POMP blooms are bigger, fresher, longer-lasting and can be delivered to any doorstep nationally next-day. As the grower and distributor, POMP is thrilled to be able to deliver an un-matched blow-you-away floral experience. POMP is truly the ultimate floral gift. 

Femme Pharma

Mia Vita by FemmePharma solutions are created by women for women. With pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, strict product manufacturing (GMP) standards, and a commitment to personal service, our mission is to provide women with relief from the symptoms of menopause through products they can have confidence in.  FemmePharma wants to remind women to care for themselves, to love their own lives. 

Shoukang Herbals

Shoukang Herbal Medicine is a family-owned and operated business with generations of experience in Chinese medicine. Shoukang means longevity and good health. We have spent years perfecting products designed to boost brain and heart health and balance of our body. We’ve helped individuals feel better and live more fulfilling and happy lives and w look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals. 

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Nao (Brain) Cleanser


Vianda stands tall above the competition in the world of natural health. At Vianda, we focus on supplying premium doctor-formulated, substantiated brands. We attribute our strong customer loyalty to these brands; which are all top-notch, tested formulas. Vianda creates high quality products that not only deliver results, but improve lives, in a natural manner.

Bossa Bars Menopause Energy Bars

Handle menopause like a boss! For most of us, the time between peri and post-menopause is HARD! Because my mother had a hysterectomy I didn't have a point of reference, so I set out to discover what menopause would mean for me and through my journey, stumbled on a new business - energy bars formulated for women in peri-menopause to post-menopause to help support daily nutritional needs and keep that sneaky extra 10 pounds under control! 


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