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Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan

Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan was created in 2017 by Maria Kalomenidou. Maria wanted to share with others her zēlos (“zeal”) for healthy and tasty Greek food and to give back to the land of her birth by helping authentic Greek artisans find their American audience. With Zelos Maria shares her desire to showcase the flavors and drive that are modern Greece.

Olio Piro

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil that makes food taste more delicious… this is what Olio Piro is bringing to foodies worldwide. With a bold, fresh flavor and peppery finish, a drizzle of Piro takes your dishes to a new level. What a perfect gift.

Darling Spring

Darling Spring is a designer store exploring the intersection of slow living, good design, and female creativity. Darling Spring represents a life well-lived, savored, and enjoyed slowly. It is about quality, equality, and intentionality. Our collection of home and lifestyle goods blend modern style with time-tested techniques serves as a reminder that faster isn't always better.



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Ultimate Grillmaster Set | Spices & Sauces Good Sauce Goddess

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