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POMP Flower Delivery

POMP flowers are a curated collection of hand-picked, straight from the farm, abundant rose arrangements. The family behind POMP has been growing roses in Colombia and Ecuador for over 30 years and their roses are featured at the Rose Bowl, Tony Awards and Miss American Pageant. POMP blooms are bigger, fresher, longer-lasting and can be delivered to any doorstep nationally next-day. As the grower and distributor, POMP is thrilled to be able to deliver an un-matched blow you away floral experience. POMP is truly the ultimate floral gift

Sunsum® Intentional Living

Sunsum® Intentional Living is a black woman-owned, independent maker and supplier of high-quality, ethically sourced, handmade goods. Their mission is to intentionally create a connection to a culture through lifestyle products and handmade goods because we are all connected to all things. When we pay more attention to our relationship with ourselves and others, we create a more meaningful life. Connecting with a culture can have a positive impact on your sense of belonging, identity and overall well being. 

Dirty Cookie

Looking to send a gourmet gift to a loved one? Or maybe your team deserves something sweet for their hard work. Taking a classic treat and making it our own, Dirty Cookie has revolutionized the cookie playing field and revamped the milk and cookie experience to make it more delicious, more enjoyable and more memorable. Whether you are surprising someone or treating yourself with these delectable sweets, Dirty Cookie is sure to hit the spot. The signature cookie shots come in an assortment pack for a variety of flavors and amazing decorations sure to wow anyone. 



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