TheWMarketplace: Join The Economic Engine for Women

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(Here to shop?  Hit the search bar or explore all the categories of women-owned businesses!  No sign-ups or sign-ins, no membership fee, and shipping is included on all purchases.)

TheWMarketplace is an e-commerce marketplace designed for women-owned and gender-balanced businesses.  All major online shopping categories are offered, and transactions are completed within the platform. Woman professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, coaches, fitness instructors) also can list their businesses, providing a unique platform to grow their businesses.  The third “door” to TheWMarketplace is an extensive listing of resources including non-profits, accelerators and associations supporting women and girls.  We launched September 29, 2020 and have reached over 50K impressions on our site, 1850+ products, 300+ sellers, and are growing daily.  Join us!

How is TheWMarketplace Different from Other Marketplaces?

TheWMarketplace has a simple fee structure, doesn’t encourage merchants and service providers to reduce their pricing to the point where they are making no money (we want you to thrive!) and is committed to always listening and improving based on your feedback. This is a community by and for women, because we are no longer willing to wait for gender parity.  In addition to having your products listed, you also receive:

  • A “shout out” on our Her Story section on the homepage, where we connect consumers with you and your passion, what drove you to launch your company. We hope to connect consumers with the women behind the business. These stories are also highlighted on all our social media platforms.
  • Monthly seller calls where we listen to your concerns and learn what we can do to support your business. You also connect with other sellers on TheWMarketplace, by participating in our Seller Exchange, where you can receive and offer discounts on your goods or services.  Many of our customers have found new clients internally on TheWMarketplace! 

Pricing and Fee Structure:

  • Merchants of goods: $40 annual signup fee, plus 8% commission and a 3% transaction fee on goods sold. 
  • Professional service providers:  $99 annual fee.

That’s it.  There are no hidden fees or additional costs.  You can purchase additional advertising, but it is absolutely up to you.  We are here to help you thrive, not squeeze your profit margin.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just go to the navigation pain and click on “Sign Up As A Seller or Service Provider” on the navigation pane.  There are step-by-step help documents if you get stuck, and help is always just an email away at  If you would like to chat with one of team about whether or not you are a good fit for TheWMarketplace, please send an email to Colleen Butler at

We are looking forward to having you join TheWMarketplace and seeing your company grow and thrive.

Susan & Kate, Co-Founders