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Rebel Nell

Rebel Nell, the beauty in our jewelry is as important as the mission behind our craft: to better the lives of women by repurposing meaningful materials into fashion-forward jewelry. We work with women who have faced barriers to sustainable employment and create both jobs and gorgeous jewelry for fashion-conscious individuals who want to feel good about what they wear. We’re making things, better.

Huckleberry Designs

Huckleberry Designs jewelry is original, handmade jewelry, conceived, designed and fabricate in a one-women shop, using the best and most unique materials available. Huckleberry uses a variety of metal smithing & techniques and handles every part of the process, including the packaging myself to guarantee that your jewelry receives the care and handling it deserves.

Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry

Whimsical, fine jewelry designed for you to tell your unique story. All of our jewelry is 100% handmade using recycled metals and conflict free precious gemstones, and we promote sustainability through our California Certified Green Business practices in Hermosa Beach, California USA.



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Darling Spring_64609d922f8fecb0f997d416


Lori Weitzner_6460a2fd2f8fecb0f997d536


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