HER-Commerce™ is a 4-week program to provide education, support, digital assets, and insight on e-commerce to women-owned businesses. The program is open to businesses at all stages, whether just getting started, pivoting to an e-commerce model or scaling online. At the end of the program the businesses will have joined TheWMarketplace, gaining a national audience, a community of other women-entrepreneurs, and for many of the businesses, new opportunities within the ecosystem itself. For women entrepreneurs, access to TheWMarketplace through HER-Commerce™, gives them a low-cost and supportive environment to test new business models, new products, and new services - without the investment of creating their individual website and subsequent marketing spend. 

TheWMarketplace seller: “I don’t want to be a digital marketing expert, I want to run my business.”

Each curriculum module in the program is delivered by businesses within the ecosystem of TheWMarketplace, including digital marketing, shipping and pricing, graphic design and SEO. We have the expertise within the platform in each of these areas, and intentionally hire subject matter experts so they can, in turn, grow and support the new sellers. This is what women-supporting-women looks like with HER-Commerce™. 

Women-owned businesses are recruited through marketing outreach and partner organizations, with a minimum cohort of 25 companies. Cohorts can be a single industry sector (e.g. apparel) or a mix of businesses. Weekly group training on targeted topics are combined with small group workshops to provide guided support in onboarding onto TheWMarketplace. At the end of the program, a TheWMarketplace LIVE event introduces and celebrates the new businesses who have joined the platform.

TheWMarketplace successfully partnered with a Southern California SBA-affiliated business development office in delivering a parallel program, shE-Commerce™. The results from the shE-Commerce™ program have been impressive. The February 2021 cohort welcomed 42 new businesses to TheWMarketplace and 26 of them made sales during the 90-minute LIVE celebration. A second cohort, starting in May, had 250 applicants for 50 positions. The demand is clear for programs that provide immediate results for women-owned businesses needing to launch, pivot or scale their business online.  

To join a HER-Commerce™ cohort, please email, Colleen@thewmarketplace.com.