HER-Commerce™ is an instructor-led training and support program created by The WMarketplace for women business owners at all stages of their ecommerce journey.  

In the U.S., women own over 40% of small businesses and are increasingly turning to ecommerce as a critical sales channel in today's economy. But there is little support and education directed at meeting women business owners’ specific needs.

In 2022, HER-Commerce™ workshop content was refreshed to reflect feedback  from previous cohorts and market research. New, updated programs with research and market-based content are launching in Q1 2023.  

“Understanding shipping and logistics is critical to my ecommerce business.”

- HER-Commerce Participant

The WMarketplace HER-Commerce™ program is designed for women-led businesses in three key milestone stages of business:

Early-stage. Retail businesses who are just getting started, but that have a viable product and existing sales. This can include brick and mortar businesses expanding into ecommerce. Also included in this category are service providers pivoting to build a client base leveraging virtual service delivery.

Scaling with multiple channels. This curriculum will address established businesses that are selling through two or more channels and require in-depth support for understanding channel efficiencies, advanced logistics and inventory management, omni-channel marketing and more. Service providers will be supported toward WBENC certification and provided training on positioning themselves for government and private set-aside contracts.

Growing with ecommerce. This category includes businesses that already have an ecommerce presence or channel and need additional training and support to efficiently grow sales with practical information on core considerations such as taxes, shipping options, marketing and virtual package offerings for service providers.

HER-Commerce "Getting Started" Workshop Modules

Our Work With The Government

HER-Commerce™ was launched in the fall of 2020 in collaboration with the Washington Center for Women in Businesses (WCWB) in S.W. Washington State. The WCWB needed an effective tool to help shift women-owned businesses to an ecommerce model following the pandemic shutdown so that they could continue to sell their products and services. Working together, The WMarketplace and WCWB brought 15 women-owned businesses onto The WMarketplace, giving them immediate access to a nation-wide marketplace and new tools to understand how to sell online. This success was replicated in the spring and summer of 2021 with the Orange County Small Business Development Center, with two more cohorts of women-owned businesses being trained in the basics of ecommerce and joining The WMarketplace as sellers. 

The WCWB sponsored the training and onboarding fees of the cohort participants using pandemic-relief and other funds. This sponsorship gave the WCWB a new, more efficient and effective way to support their marginalized clients with a program that provided measurable, trackable ROI.

The SBA-affiliated offices, working with The WMarketplace team, helped to recruit and screen companies and provided small business content. The WMarketplace provided ecommerce-specific content and guidance on creating a storefront on site. 

"As a partner of TheWMarketplace, I have observed women-owned businesses successfully use HER-Commerce to build a seller site, enhance their digital presence and build a larger network with other women-owned businesses. HER-Commerce is an invaluable resource."

-Naomi Sky 

Program Manager, WCWB 

Interested in participating in a HER-Commerce™ training or sponsoring a cohort? Please email CustomerCare@TheWMarketplace.com

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