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Livity Yoga

Livity is using the art of yoga to heal the planet. They act as one with the Earth by reclaiming waste material, developing circular solutions, sourcing responsible goods, and crafting durable gear made to last. More than sustainable, Livity sets the yoga industry’s highest standards for environmental stewardship and closed-loop production.

Strela Sport

Woman with boxing gloves in athletic wear

Strela Sport athletic sportswear is designed to provide the most flattering appearance and hours of comfort! Designed to help you look and feel great while achieving your desired fitness goals.

Beyond The Gym Wellness Co.
woman in workout clothes with inspirational quote overlay

Beyond The Gym Wellness Company believes wellness goes beyond our physical health. It’s the way we think, eat, the way we talk to and see others, and the way we talk to and see ourselves. Because self-talk isn’t just self-talk, it’s self-prophecy. BTG Well Co. wants to help re-write your story, empowering you to think, speak, and move with freedom and power, without pain or limitations. 



Grace & Able


Not Only Pants LLC


True for You Nutrition, LLC


The Yoga Rocks