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This curated selection is designed to pair perfectly with Tequila.

Hibiscus Rose Cocktail Mixer
Flavor Profile: Steeped hibiscus and rose petals create a floral finish. Fresh citrus creates a tart background ideal for a multitude of cocktails.
Uses: Add a splash to your margarita for a floral twist, substitute for simple syrup in your favorite cocktail recipe, or liven up your lemonade or iced tea.
Favorite Cocktail: Roseine Cucumber 

Jalapeño Cocktail Mixer
Flavor Profile: Spicy jalapeño and refreshing cucumber combined with bright refreshing lime notes.
Uses: Add a splash to your margarita for a spicy twist, make a spicy limeade (you can spike it, too).
Favorite Cocktail: Smoky and the Bandit

Real Passion Fruit Syrup
Flavor Profile: Made from 100% Fresh passion fruit and real cane sugar. No corn syrup, flavoring, or thickeners. Tart, sweet, and uniquely tropical. There’s nothing quite like real passion fruit.
Uses: Tropical cocktails, with rum, tequila, or sparkling wine. Great in a margarita. Favorite Cocktail: Ward 8, Tequila Sunrise
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