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The LUNAESCENT touch-free skincare applicator (pat. pend.) is a unique and multipurpose beauty tool that is designed specifically for: effective and hygienic application of any type of skincare product, sun protection product, medicated cream/ointment, and even makeup, and massaging, lymphatic drainage, depuffing, and more ... without using fingertips!

Each LUNAESCENT applicator comes with two Platinum-grade (non-toxic) silicone pads. The pads are reusable, washable, and nonporous. LUNAESCENT elevates any skincare routine, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin. No fingers, no germs, no waste!


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Comfort is something that everyone deserves. And we’re not talking about plain-old, boring stress-relief. We’re talking about a positive, life-changing feeling of elevated comfort, pleasure, and fulfilment during intimacy that makes you say “wow!” Pulse's award-winning Pod formulations were thoughtfully created with a naturopathic physician with the intention of pleasure and play for all whenever and wherever intimacy ignites.

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Red Pantz is your body-to-soul health and wellness destination based on ancient ayurveda for our modern life. Our MY24/7 premium self-care collection supports your skin, body and mind from the outside in and inside out with USDA certified organic (yes, even our skincare line), all-natural and environmentally-conscious skin care and herbal teas so you can do what you love more, better.



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Rue Sante - Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™