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Pearl couscous (sometimes called Israeli couscous) came to Greece from the Eastern Mediterranean. Women would patiently roll out the little balls of pasta to then prepare a filling meal. Agrozimi has kept this tradition, continuing to make the pasta by hand with the finest durum wheat semolina and fresh spring water from their village of Arávissos, with slow, natural drying. By adding a touch of pasteurized squid ink, Agrozimi has created a subtly-flavored and distinctively-colored accompaniment to your favorite seafood dishes and a striking base for pasta salads. Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors nor colorants.

We just love these delightfully delicious black beads. You can find an authentic Greek recipe on the inside of the label or simply use this pasta to jazz up any plain fish dinner. Our favorite, though, is to mix a few quickly-cooked beads with strained Greek yogurt for a black-and-white delight…the perfect light, yet filling, meal!  The 500gr. package translates to 1.1lbs., 10% more than the standard pasta packsWhile there is a suggested cooking time on the pack, try it for yourself and cook to taste, especially if you like your pasta “al dente”.

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Ingredients: durum wheat flour, pasteurized squid ink 1%.

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