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Sugar Exfoliates and Orange Oil Moisturizes | 6 oz/170 g, glass jar. MADE SAFE® Certified Product.

GENTLY EXFOLIATES: Sugar and refreshing orange essential oil remove dry skin for a soft smooth feel.  Gently rub all over your body and immediately feel the difference.

SOOTHES AND SOFTENS: With the simplicity of sugar, say good-bye to dry itchy skin. Along with sunflower oil and mango butter, gentle enough for sensitive skin, and helps soothe eczema. 

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  Designed to be safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean-living journey. Indulge both body and mind naturally.

PLANT BASED AND WATERLESS: Our all natural and original formula has 11 ingredients with sugar, butters and oils to gently polish and moisturize skin for a soft feel and a healthy glow. No chemical fragrance.

EASY TO USE: Spread all over your body while in the shower. The scrub will gently polish skin and melt away under the warm shower. Use three times per week in body care routine after cleansing.

SMELLS LIKE SWEET ORANGE: Orange essential oil plus coriander oil provide a luxurious and natural scent that gently fades away leaving you rejuvenated and glowing.

 "In TX I need to use super heavy sunscreen and it doesn’t come off easily. This body scrub is the absolute BEST at getting the sunscreen off without while still being kind to my skin." - Pat, Houston Texas

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