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Intense Natural Moisturizer for All Skin Types | Plant-based beauty to deeply moisturize with essential oils | 2 oz/59 ml, glass bottle. MADE SAFE® Certified Product.

DEEPLY MOISTURIZES: Essential oils nourish and deeply moisturize. Rub all over your body and immediately feel the difference.

NOURISHES AND SOFTENS: With the simplicity of essential oils, say good-bye to dry itchy skin.

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  Our body oil is designed to be safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean living journey. Indulge both body and mind naturally. 

PLANT BASED AND WATERLESS: Our all natural and original formula has just 7 ingredients with the perfect combination of oils to moisturize skin for a soft feel and a healthy glow. No chemical fragrance.

EASY TO USE: Use in daily body care routine. Rub oil all over your body while skin is moist after a warm bath or shower. The oil will be quickly absorbed leaving skin supple and healthy. Add to bath for relaxation and aromatherapy.

SMELLS LIKE A SPA:  Scented with a blend of lavender and woodsy palmarosa essential oils provide a luxurious and natural scent that leaves you happy, soft and glowing.

"Wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the body oil. Very helpful with all the hand washing. Keeps my hands so much softer." Donna, West Chester PA. 


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