X-Ray Call

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The Guided Assessment is a one-hour session with our Wealth Coaches and will take you through a model that has your unique numbers and we ask a series of questions to figure out “Are you on track and what does the future look like at the rate you’re going at?”


This powerful hour will show you how to:

  • create your BetterWealth model to get a glimpse of your current financial situation and find ways to improve upon it
  • discover ways to be more efficient, be consistent, and use your money most effectively
  • determine next steps and answer any remaining questions and what the next step is

If you're out of balance, we look at ways to: increase income, increase savings and decrease consumption. If you're in balance, we look at ways to be more efficient in all areas and make your model even better.


The X-Ray Call is a roadmap and your plan. If you don’t know where you’re starting and don’t know where you’re headed, we won’t know what the next step is.

Book your X-Ray Call now so you can start gaining clarity and get on your way to creating a better financial picture for yourself.