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The spirit number 444, is a message from the spiritual realm that a deceased loved one can provide more help from the spirit side as a spirit guide. This the time to strengthen your spiritual connection and foundation as your ancestors are fully supporting your life.

Oblige your spirit guide, with the Spirit Number 444 Gift Set. Enhanced with handmade products from the No. 4 - Victory collection.  Fill your space with the sweet and clarifying aromas of amber, vanilla, and palo santo.

There are 4 gift set options to choose from :

  • Transmutation Set ( 1 candle (4 oz), 1 body oil, 1 wax melt)
  • Fire Elemental Set ( 3 candles (4 oz) )
  • Water Elemental Set( 3 body oils )
  • Earth Elemental Set (3 wax melts )
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