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Inspired by the Greek philosopher Epicurus and that appreciation of and indulgence in fine food, we've put together a collection of our richest artisanal products - a gift any true foodie will love! These classic flavors of Greece come together in a beautifully gift-wrapped box with seven organic or all-natural, responsibly sourced, products.

Philippos Hellenic Goods Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - this USDA-certified organic, cold-pressed olive oil has an intense fruity flavor, with a delicate almond aftertaste and color.

Agrozimi Premium Vegetable and Squid Ink Pétoura Pasta - a traditional northern Greek pasta with a fresh twist of spinach, beets, red peppers, and squid ink for a colorful and flavorsome touch.

Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts Tomato & Feta is a perfectly balanced mix of tomato, authentic feta cheese made from sheep and goat milk, and extra virgin olive oil. We love the thick, spreadable texture as a rich base for pizza, bruschetta, as a tapenade or rich dip. Add a bit of olive oil and cooking water for an especially rich pasta sauce and try enhancing any stew or slow-cooking meal with it.

Tragano Greek Organic Green Olives - hand-selected green olives from the Halkidiki region of northern Greece, packed in an all-natural brine of water, organic vinegar, and sea salt.

Citrus Handmade Four Citrus Fruits Spoon Sweet - this award-winning traditional dessert is made on the Greek island of Chios, with a non-traditional blend of pieces of Orange, Bitter Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit floating in a simple, all-natural syrup of sugar, water, and lemon juice.

Elli & Manos Fig & Walnut Gourmet Spread - a sweetly savory blend of dried figs & walnuts, with a touch of cinnamon and balsamic vinegar that can be enjoyed on cheese & charcuterie platters, as an accompaniment to roast meats or to stuff chicken breasts, even on breakfast toast. 

Sparoza Cooking Blend with Herbs & Lemon Zest  - this handcrafted concentrated seasoning is a unique herbal blend complemented with lemon verbena and homemade lemon zest - a little goes a long way! It adds a Mediterranean touch to any dish, from roasted veggies to pasta salads or soups & broths.

All of our carefully curated gift sets come in a stylish white, beribboned box that is shipped within our standard craft box together with recipe cards and the stories of our Artisans. 

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