“More women should be world leaders for a more peaceful world.”  This is what I learned in a Zoom call with the Dalai Lama

Yes, you read that right. I had the extraordinary opportunity to be on a Zoom call with a small group of women... and the Dalai Lama.  My takeaway: the Dalai Lama is a FEMINIST!

His Holiness spoke at length about creating a world that is more compassionate and is driven from the heart. He acknowledged the world’s fatigue with violence and bullying and clearly stated his belief that the only way forward was to find the compassion in each of our hearts.

His guidance to achieve that more compassionate world was equally as straight forward: “It is time for women to take a more active role in world affairs and leadership.”

Powerful directives. Hearing the Dalai Lama speak those words, to a small group of women as he looked us in the eye was overwhelming.  It seemed to me that he was willing us to step into our individual power and take a firm grasp of the impact that women have when we come together to change culture.  Again, it was overwhelming.

I am a passionate and often outspoken advocate of gender equity and female empowerment. My dedication to advancing women’s equality has resulted in many positive relationships and experiences in my life. It also has come at a cost. I do not believe in settling for the sake of maintaining calm. My focus and single-minded approach has resulted in broken relationships and the distancing of some of the people I love most but who don’t share my deeply held values.  But I cannot hold my tongue and check my beliefs when I see inequality flourishing in our culture and world.

The Dalai Lama shared his strong views on the influence women MUST have in the world. His Holiness explained that he believes women should step up and take power.  We cannot not wait for it to be given or shared.  While recognizing that powerful institutions including education, religion and governments don’t share his view that women and men are equal and, in many cases, work to actively oppress us, resulting in women being marginalized around the world.

He put the responsibility squarely on women’s shoulders to assume a more active role in all aspects of leadership.

I learned that I am supported and that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is counting on me and women everywhere to lead. That it is imperative and urgent that we step into our power so that we can raise up all women, everywhere. With compassion and from the heart.

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What I Learned on a Zoom Call with the Dalai Lama

What I Learned on a Zoom Call with the Dalai Lama