TheWMarketplace is pleased to announce its partnership with LeadHERship Global, a confidential and supporting community designed to accelerate success of each member by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences, peer advisory services and expert-lead coaching and mentoring.  This partnership enables LeadHERship Global members to join TheWMarketplace at a discounted annual rate, and offers the same to TheWMarketplace members.  

LeadHERship Global members will be joining our community of sellers and professional service providers as a new or added sales channel to increase their sales and market their services.  We are thrilled to have these new sellers joining us!

(More information for LeadHERship Global members who are interested in joining TheWMarketplace can be found here.)

LeadHERship Global membership packages for TheWMarketplace are discounted by 20% and start at $250 year. Membership benefits include access to an impactful community of women for influential networking, diagnostics and assessments to accelerate your learning and insight, key tools, solutions guides, playbooks and resources, meaningful group experiences as well as expert-lead instruction through mentoring and coaching relationships.  

We encourage TheWMarketplace sellers and service providers to take advantage of all that LeadHERship Global has to offer by joining today!  

Click here for all the details on joining LeadHERship Global.

Welcome LeadHERship Global!

Welcome LeadHERship Global!